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13 Jul 2020
RS Group gets COOLISM on a rocket to create a new S curve and unveils the 3-river strategy to boost the growth
05 Jun 2020
Decoding RS Group's Stride over Disruption Technology by Assimilating to Changes Readily and Viewing Challenges as Normal
11 May 2020
RS Group boasts 184% growth in Q1 Hitting a new high profit record amidst Covid-19
27 Apr 2020
COOLfahrenheit ranks no.1 radio station during Work-from-Home period Launching "Join hands against Covid-19" campaign to help strengthen partners amidst the crisis
15 Apr 2020
Channel 8 reveals its ‘4-legged chair' strategy's success against Covid-19 climate The strategy has proven to help improve revenue base increase, effective risk diversification and continued growth in Q1 2020
27 Mar 2020
RS GROUP proactively adjusts its plan to handle the COVID-19 situation, focusing on keeping its employees safe while pushing the commerce business to grow despite the economy
06 Nov 2019
"Hia Hor" rebrands RS Mall, targeting all platforms both on screen and online to become the leader in MPC
11 Dec 2018
RS reveals vision for 2019, aiming for horizontal growth and 5 billion baht total revenue, the highest in 37 years
19 Nov 2018
"RS" confident in its growth in Q4 "MPC-Channel 8" doing well in high season
30 Oct 2018
"Hia Hor" goes all out, adding magnetic contents to Channel 8 to welcome the last months of the year to attract more viewers and increase advertising time into the New Year
08 Oct 2018
RS stocks receive great feedback after meeting with Japanese corporations as investors are confident in Multi-platform Commerce
24 Sep 2018
RS celebrates the success of its new business, introducing new products and three presenters to achieve even higher sale in the last quarter of the year
13 Sep 2018
COOLfahrenheit, Thailand's top radio station for 18 consecutive years, takes a new step to convert audiences to shoppers with the launch of LINE@COOLanything, an online shopping platform
08 Aug 2018
RS undergoes significant growth in Q2 with 230% increase in profits, handing out 25 satang interim dividend per share
31 Jul 2018
RS strengthens MPC business by partnering with Kerry - SCG Express
19 Jul 2018
Rocking the industry!! Two giants "RS" joins "Bangkok Insurance" Launching marketing strategy - adding new model of insurance sale in Thailand
04 Jun 2018
"RS" revealed second-half year plan with the continuous implementation of MPC business plan, offering parade of quality own & partners products to rock the market.
15 May 2018
RS's got it! Health and beauty business grows 200% in the first quarter World-class labs and high-quality products boost its health and beauty business, supporting its MPC business
20 Mar 2018
"RS" is pouring 100 million baht partnering with alliance and world's leading research units developing Health & Beauty products to go beyond success
22 Feb 2018
RS Plc has successfully achieved 300% of net profit in the last quarter of 2017, mainly driven by rising star "Health & Beauty" sector The company aggressively aims to hit 5.8 billion baht in revenue this year
14 Feb 2018
"COOLFahrenheit", the leader of digital music station in Thailand, unveils its 100 million baht investment plan under the Every Moment with You concept.
15 Jan 2018
"RS" plans to boost its health and beauty business to have a leapfrog growth and extend its new Lifestar BIZ line to recruit Lifestar business owners nationwide.
27 Nov 2017
RS announces strategies for 2018 Transforming business to aim for 5.3 billion baht revenue, the highest in its history
12 Oct 2017
RS shares more appealing as the company embarks on roadshows in four countries before 2017 ends Highlighting health and beauty business to attract investors
18 Sep 2017
RS strengthens Life Star as year 2017 is wrapping up Self-positioned as a "home tele-shopping" business, with an aim for 1.2bn baht in sale
06 Sep 2017
"Hia Hor" confident RS will continue to grow and exceed target Releasing new news programs, TV series, dramas and boxing programs to win 500,000 eyeballs
17 Jul 2017
COOLfahrenheit responds to the spike in online advertising, joining forces with Nielsen to become the first radio station in Asia to use real time rating measurement
05 Jul 2017
Big boss delighted with RS's transformation Health and beauty business growing strong alongside Channel 8
17 May 2017
RS remains strong and profitable in the first quarter Rising as the leader of the health and beauty industry
17 Apr 2017
RS confident in its health and beauty business With significant growth, it is set to become company's main business
20 Sep 2016
Channel 8 unveils new strategy for year end Introducing new drama time to expand prime time
25 Feb 2016
RS profits beyond expectation Announcing dividend and treasury stock
03 Feb 2016
RS feels its share price is too low, planning to spend 470 million baht on treasury stock
02 Feb 2016
4G drives growth for Cool Fahrenheit radio station, remaining #1 in Thailand
14 Jan 2016
RS happy as Channel 8 closes 50% of its sale in advance, with an aim to bag 4.5 billion baht this year
14 Dec 2015
RS injects more investment into Channel 2 Full Entertainment on channel number 38 Preparing entertainment news and dramas to rock TV industry
11 Nov 2015
RS stimulates purchasing power before year end, joining hands with partners to organize beauty and tourism events
28 Oct 2015
RS sets 2016 goals to win higher rating, investing 2 billion baht, the biggest investment by RS to date
15 Sep 2015
Channel 8 goes all out in final quarter, teaming up with JSL to produce variety shows to rock digital TV
13 Aug 2015
RS grows against economic downturn in Q2 Channel 8 is the hero of the second half of the year
31 Jul 2015
Surachai embraces King Power Group as RS shareholder to strengthen business
15 Jul 2015
RS invests 50 million baht to position Channel 2 as Thailand's first "in-depth news, hot entertainment" channel
01 Jul 2015
RS adds a new satellite channel "Ploen TV", the first TV station for seasoned viewers
17 Jun 2015
Channel 8 ranks 3rd in news, with plans to add 10 new dramas and 5 variety shows
04 Jun 2015
"RS" highlights "Channel 8" in roadshows in Japan and US, confident to attract foreign Institutional Investors
14 May 2015
RS cashes in 800 million baht revenue in the first quarter, with its media business thriving steadily
07 May 2015
"RS" discloses its business strategy for second half of the year, with plans to rock the music industry as a "one stop service" go-to for music marketing clients.
25 Mar 2015
RS does not lose grip on radio business Investing 55 million for Soundation & Lifestyle Engagement strategy to push Coolism for 500 million baht revenue
25 Feb 2015
RS gives generous dividend, higher than the first half of the year, after reaching a new high and making record-breaking 4.3 billion baht revenue
12 Feb 2015
RS CEO over joyed by Channel 8's success Investing a billion baht to push the channel to top three by year end
12 Jan 2015
"RS" becomes Thailand's media leader Aiming to break record in profitability
22 Dec 2014
Channel 8 in the spotlight, sought after by agencies and companies Announcing partnership with Caltex for a New Year campaign
12 Nov 2014
RS reveals Q3 performance sees its profit grow more than 100% Last minute hero is Channel 8 and Channel 2
06 Oct 2014
RS pushes Channel 2 to the top of satellite TV by mid-2015 under the slogan "full flavored entertainment for you", presenting more flavorful content
25 Sep 2014
"RS" has undergone a major restructure for its music business and appointed Supachai Nilawan to oversee the overall picture of this business unit.
15 Aug 2014
"Channel 8 Digital TV" exceeds 1.373 billion baht in second quarter RS positive about second half of the year
29 Jul 2014
"RS" impressed with success of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, instantly pushing Cool Celsius to number 1 among international music stations
23 Jun 2014
World Cup 2014 content sees Channel 8's rating triple, instantly reaching top 3
28 May 2014
RS brews up World Cup storm in last stage before kickoff Over 300,000 World Cup boxes sold to date
16 May 2014
RS shows strong performance in 1Q14 despite political woes Channel 8's rating thrives due to new dramas and programs
09 May 2014
RS pushes Channel 8 to compete in digital TV, using the slogan "Your Friend Everywhere, TV for Everyone"
22 Apr 2014
RS appoints TCC to tackle World Cup broadcasting violation full on Small scale businesses enjoy waivers
16 Apr 2014
RS positions its "Channel 2" at channel 2 on every platform to make the channel easily accessed in order to be at the top of the competition
01 Apr 2014
RS confirms FIFA World Cup goes according to original business plan, airing 22 matches on free TV and aiming to generate 650 million baht
18 Mar 2014
RS unveils four big names as World Cup 2014 broadcasting partners
13 Mar 2014
RS rocks the sport scene by introducing World Cup 2014 box, offering live broadcast of every match
28 Feb 2014
RS unveils record breaking revenue in 2013, reaching new high net profit of 400 million Shareholders delighted as board greenlights 35 satang dividend
19 Feb 2014
"Coolism" implements 360-degree engagement to remain on top of radio industry, aiming to bag over 960 baht revenue
28 Jan 2014
RS unveils plan to become Media Revolutionist in 2014 Turning media industry around and remaining as Thailand's entertainment leader with revenue over 5 billion baht
21 Jan 2014
RS rebrands Starmax as "Channel 2" under the concept "extreme flavor for Thai fans", aiming to be the number one satellite TV in Thailand
16 Jan 2014
RS off to a head start, introducing Channel 8 on digital TV platform this April CEO confident about making profits in first year without increasing capital
14 Nov 2013
RS pockets over 300 million baht in profit in 9 months despite economic slowdown Q3 profit makes history, while MSCI picks RS stocks for indexing
09 Aug 2013
RS sees record-breaking performance in Q2, with profits rising above 100 million baht, proving its potential as number one in satellite TV and radio Announcing plan to pay 0.15 baht interim dividends per share
12 Jul 2013
RS partners with PSI, pushing for PSI O2 Digital box to enhance viewing experience in HD broadcast of World Cup and La Liga for sports fans
13 Jun 2013
RS confident World Cup will bring 700 million revenue Sponsors lining up to join the excitement
16 May 2013
RS champions TV market with highest ratings and 73% growth in first quarter
18 Mar 2013
RS builds up the success in satellite TV, introducing "SUN CHANNEL" and "STAR MAX CHANNEL" with the budget of 200 million baht throughout the year to increase contents and left competitors.
29 Jan 2013
"RS" Announces Business, Aiming to Keep Its No.1 Satellite TV Positioning with Strong Confidence to Achieve Over 4 Billion Baht in Revenue.
29 Nov 2012
RS Spends 150 Million Baht to Launch STAR MAX Channel to Emphasize on Its No. One in Satellite TV.
15 Nov 2012
RS Outperformed in the Third Quarter with 803 Million Baht in Revenue and an Increase of 68% in Net Profit, Contributed by a Leap Growth in Satellite TV Business
08 Oct 2012
RS Emphasizes on Its Number 1 in Satellite TV with Over 50 Million Viewers.
11 Sep 2012
Radio Guru SKY-HIGH Network Confirms Radio Never Dies, Disclosing the First-Half Revenue of 170 Million Baht with Confidence on a Strong Performance in the Second Half as Target.
17 Aug 2012
RS Shows Its Potential of Sports Content Business with a Spending of Over 1 Billion Baht to Build RS Sport La Liga to Be Thailand's No. 1 Sports Channel
09 Aug 2012
RS Reports Second Quarter Revenue of Over 700 Million Baht with a Net Profit Growth of 50%. Rising Star Satellite TV Had a Leap Growth of 76%. Interim Dividend Payment will be at 0.10 Baht.
05 Jul 2012
22 Jun 2012
RS Emphasizes Its No. 1 Leading Position in Satellite TV and Revises Advertising Rates with Rating Guarantee by Using Channel 8 & Sabaidee TV as the Pilot Channel
13 Jun 2012
"RS YAAK TV" debut new music company "Cho Music" to tap a teenage audience
11 May 2012
RS First Quarter 2012 confirms its stronghold entertainment and sport business leader by recording revenue of over 600 million baht and net profit of 57 million baht.
24 Apr 2012
RS Plc, working with strategic partners - Channel 7 and Dtac to broadcast football matches of Spain's La Liga.
28 Mar 2012
Sky High Network earns the market leader for 12th consecutive year in easy listening radio station. It was ready to launch new radio station to expand audience base in Chiang Mai province to ensure it will achieve billing target of 340 million baht this year.
13 Mar 2012
RS Digital links with music streaming trend with the launch of marketing strategy The year of "Social Music Experience"
27 Feb 2012
The robust growth of 400% of Satellite TV boosts RS revenue in 2011 to 2.7 billion baht. RS also announced the dividend payment and the stock buy back program.
22 Feb 2012
R Siam, RS Plc's country-music subsidiary, would collaborate with business partners in Laos to provide digital downloading services of Thai country music in a bid to expand listeners base and revenue.
07 Feb 2012
Media giant RS Plc aims to increase advertising airtime charges by 30% due to Nielsen announces to expand the survey, expects the rating of Variety Channel 8 to be No.1
16 Jan 2012
RS gears up the Year of the Dragon with the first sports pay-TV channel to broadcast live football of the Spanish La Liga, and the satellite TV business, driving revenue of 3.2 billion baht.
05 Oct 2011
Social Screen' key to success of YAAK TV, the channel has a highly successful both teenagers and sponsors
17 Aug 2011
Yaak a unit of RS, launches "YAAK TV", the free TV uncensored 24 hrs for teenagers
16 Aug 2011
The robust growth of media business at 70% drives RS Plc's second quarter revenue to 713 million baht. Meanwhile, RS announces to pay the interim dividend at 0.10 baht per share to shareholders
22 Jul 2011
RS join hand with Channel 3 to broadcast the live preliminary draw of the 2014 World Cup tournament
12 Jul 2011
Sky High Network hits its first six months billing Moving forward to hold a Talk of the Town concert in the second half of the year with high confidence to meet Bt305 million revenue
18 Jun 2011
RS reveals its first quarter with 27% growth Generating Bt610 million with total profit of Bt66 million
30 Mar 2011
RS launches new premium free TV, "Channel 8 Infinity" a 24-hour channel broadcasting variety of quality contents
23 Mar 2011
Thailand look tung's market leader, R-siam adapts to contemporary look tung market based on audience lifestyle with an aim to generate Bt640 million
16 Feb 2011
RS progresses to online market launching *339 Super Mao Online a new channel to download copyrighted RS' music/ringtones
18 Jan 2011
RS aims to be market leader in digital entertainment network in 2011 with Bt 3,100 millions for the annual billing
17 Aug 2010
RS hits its target of 2010's second quarter generating Bt1031 millions with total profit at Bt145 millions
23 Jul 2010
Super Mao *339 Campaign celebrates its success of hitting 3 million members offering irresistible promotion of Super Mao Gold Rush prize
02 Jun 2010
AIS and RS give an awesome wish list to those football enthusiasts awarding 31 Totoya New Vios throughout 31 days of 2010 World Cup tournament
25 May 2010
RS Q1 hits its 2010's target generating over 200 % of interest Fully Digital Music is the key strategy
13 May 2010
RS joins hand with 7-Eleven to boost up its World Cup business Launching "I Love World Cup" campaign to win prizes worth over Bt30 millions
09 Apr 2010
Fizzy every drops…Live every matches…Enjoy On Ground Activity for FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010
24 Mar 2010
Sky High celebrates 10th anniversary of its top radio program, 93 COOL Fahrenheit with a milestone in social marketing under a concept of "Being THAI is COOL"
26 Feb 2010
RS announces Movies Business Direction Rebranding Movie biz into "Film R Us" Confident of more than 200 million Baht revenue in 2010
17 Feb 2010
RS announces to make a crucial move into digital music business by opening the first on-line "Music Social Network" in Thailand.
03 Feb 2010
RS introduces World Cup Platinum Sponsors pulling 4 Large Allies to help broadcast "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa"
20 Jan 2010
RS fully starts on satellite television/cable television in order to respond to the trend of new age television viewers
13 Jan 2010
RS Reveals the Business Plan 2010 Determined to make revenue more than 2,900 million
02 Dec 2009
RS Embarks on Live-Broadcast of 25th SEA GAMES LAOS VIENTIANE 2009 Worry-free Quality, Satisfaction Guaranteed
16 Nov 2009
RS Discloses Its Q3/09 Business Performance Showing Bright Prospects and More Profits Awaiting
03 Nov 2009
RS Joins Hands with Channel 11 to Live-Broadcast SEA Games Drawing Excellent Response from Sports Sponsors
08 Sep 2009
RS wins live TV broadcast rights for SEA Games Laos Vientiane, 2009
28 Aug 2009
RS In-store Media expands its capacity Stepping forward to build another success in modern trade media business
26 Jun 2009
RS announces its exclusive TV broadcast rights of the 2010 FIFA World Cup together with Channel 3 and Channel 7 as strategic partners aiming to generate Bt500 million
25 Sep 2008
Return! "Bangkok 100 Rock Festival 2008 by 100 Pipers" The biggest rock festival in southeast asia on this coming 29th-30th November.
13 May 2008
RS sets its new strategy of "Music Segment Champion" to comprehensively segregate its targets
22 Jan 2008
"Honda" joins hand with "RS" investing over Bt70 million as the first major sponsor of Euro 2008 to bring an exciting and most awaiting program to Thai football fans
01 May 2007
"RSi-Dream Entertainment", event promoter and marketing. The new synergy brings RS to expand the business into the event marketing industry and to be one of aggregated event Entertainment Company in Asia.