RS announces Movies Business Direction Rebranding Movie biz into "Film R Us" Confident of more than 200 million Baht revenue in 2010

BackFeb 26, 2010

RS announces the movies business plan of the year 2010 in order to fulfil the group into a complete entertainment network and to strengthen movies business to be consistent with master plan. RS has rebranded the movies business unit into "Film R Us' in order to show that the company is ready to create and produce quality movies to serve the market continuously. After the work model has been adjusted to be similar with big Studio in Hollywood, it is certain that Thai people would accept it and there would be more consumption of Thai movies. The company set the revenue target at 200 Million Baht from making movies.

Lard Prow - Mr. Komsan Chetchotsak ,  Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President / Film Business of RS Public Co., Ltd or RS reveals that movies is another core product that RS places importance on. In the past, the company has produced and created quality movies continuously which have been recognized in many movies such as SEX Phone "Kleun Ngao Saw Khang Ban", "Ruk Jung", "Saeb Sanit Sit Sai Na", "Pong Lang Sading Lam Sing Sai Na" whereas in the year 2009 there are 3 movies launched into the market including "Hod Na Hiew", "Mo 3 Pee 4 Rau Rak Nai" and a horror movie called "Fan Kao" by Gybsy Girly Berry and a famous actor "Chakrit Yamnam". They are perfect for their roles and horror fans are very enamored by this. The movie unit has achieved the targeted revenue in the last year.

In the year 2010, the company still moves forward on movie business continuously and start the new year by rebranding the movie unit from the old name "Avant" into "Film R Us' under the concept of modernly creative entertainment. From now on, Film R Us would emphasize on producing and creating quality works with a lot of varieties and joining hands with many new quality producers by giving them maximum opportunity. RS will only focus on feasible projects to make the unit move forward efficiently and achieve a revenue target of 200 million baht or a growth of 25% from last year.

RS will have 4 quality movies launched in 2010 under the project budget of 140 Million Baht. The first one is called "Sam Yan" which is the first Thai comedy of Film R US that comes with humor and fun and gathers all talented actors which would go into theater in this May followed by "reality" movie which is a comedy filled with fun presented in a unique style that will catch a lot of attention from the market planned to be released in this July. There would also be a horror movie that would mesmerized everybody by horror in October and to leave the end of the year by a Kung Fu Action comedy that gathers many highly talented actors in order to leave the year 2010 with a smile.

As for Thai movies market in the year 2010, it is rather active and expanding well.  The overall movies market is expected to grow more than 15% and have the market value around 4,000 million baht. The Thai movies market share will increase from 30% in last year to 40% in this year. The Thai movies business in the year 2010 which is expected at 1,800 million baht tends to be more diverse. There are many new producers coming into the market and hence higher competition is unavoidable. Therefore, Film R Us will focus on quality in order to stay in the forefront as a quality producer in Thailand.

"The restructure of the organization as well as the business model has made it easy for movie business unit to produce more works with higher flexibility at a low risk. As a result, Film R Us is confident that its movie business will grow together with the overall industry in 2010 and will certainly secure the revenue of not less than 200 million baht" Mr. Komsan said.