COOLfahrenheit responds to the spike in online advertising, joining forces with Nielsen to become the first radio station in Asia to use real time rating measurement

BackJul 17, 2017

The second half of the year has kicked off with a big bang for the radio station industry. COOLfahrenheit brings out its best contents to boost its platforms, both online and offline, under the concept “Coolism 4.0 Beyond” to target Gen C people. The station is investing 20 million baht on four big campaigns in two months in order to remain the champion in the radio station industry after having been at the top for 16 consecutive years. The station expects to generate 500 million baht in revenue.

Ladprao – Prinn Muensuksaeng, Managing Director of Coolism Company Limited, which operates Cool Fahrenheit radio station under RS, said that online advertising is growing steadily, and the company’s online advertising revenue has doubled. Therefore, the company is planning to focus more on online platform. It is investing 20 million baht to rebrand its business to “COOLfahrenheit”, and the brand will branch out from being on the radio on FM93 and present contents directly to its audience, both online and offline, under the concept “COOLISM 4.0 Beyond”. The business will become a “digital soundation” targeting Gen C people, age between 20-44 years, who spend a lot of time online.

In the first phase of the rebranding effort, the company will use DIGITAL TRNASFORMATION strategy to change four main pillars. Together with Nielsen Media Research (Thailand), a global leader in rating measurement, it will adopt DIGITAL CONTENT RATING method, and become the first in Asia, and the third in the world, to use radio online rating, following the US and Australia. It will measure its rating real-time on its online platform to benefit and assure its advertisers and agencies, in order to convince them to advertise more, because they can see how many people they are reaching in a transparent, precise, and clear manner.

Meanwhile. It is also improving the content on its website and making the design more straightforward and lively to target Gen C people. PRESENTATION CLOCK will also be revamped, which will see the breaks shortened to respond to the audience’s need for constant content. The commercials will also be CUSTOMIZED to suit both the advertisers/agencies and the COOLfahrenheit brand. The company is certain that after rebranding, it will attract twice as many fans online, from currently 5 million listeners – 3.5 million online, and 1.5 million on air. By the end of 2017, it aims to generate 515 million baht and remain the market leader for 16th consecutive year. Based on last month’s survey, its market share has increased to 43%, a significant step ahead of its competitors.

Additionally, the company will spend 20 million baht on four campaigns in July and August, two of which are the brand’s signature activities – COOL Outing 12 Fun in the Jungle which will take 50 office workers from the same office on a trip to Kiriwong Village, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and EAT ALL AROUND 7, led by ML Parson Svasti, which will take its fans to try Northern Thai food in Lampang. Promotional campaigns are also on offer, such as COOL Prompt Pay, which invites its audience to register on and win big prizes.

COOLfahrenheit is the first and only radio station in Thailand to convert every minute of listening into reward points. COOL Degree Beyond Rewards campaign invites its online audience to collect reward points on COOLISM application, and use the points to redeem prizes throughout the year. This campaign is expected to boost its online growth by 20% compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, on air radio still attracts a lot of listeners thanks to its emotional engagement since the audience can communicate with the DJs.