RS fully starts on satellite television/cable television in order to respond to the trend of new age television viewers

BackJan 20, 2010

"RS" started the plan to create new business weapon and to announce the trend of satellite television/cable television fully in the 2 channels including "YOU Channel" and "Sabai Dee TV" with the budget around 100 million baht in order to respond to the trend of new age television viewer with high level of individuality  and to respond to the changed consumer behaviors and it is believed the break-even point will be in the year 2010.

Lad Prao - Mrs. Pornpan Techarungchaikul, Chief Operating Official of RS Co., Ltd or RS reveals that the company has started the satellite television business/cable television in the year 2010 fully after the business trend and the work operation trend has been studied and the preparation has already been fully set up and the fact that RS has the basics on entertainment content and the potential in producing quality show and the target group is clear. Therefore, the start of satellite television business/cable television in this time is the perfect timing in the mean time. Satellite television/cable television is also a business with a good future because it increases the television viewing choice to viewers and consumer reacting market to the goods owner efficiently with the cost that is not high so it is believed that it is another business that can increase the income to the mother company such as RS significantly in the near future.

As for today RS is ready to start the satellite/cable television business fully with 2 channels including "YOU Channel" which is deemed the channel of music variety which gather teenagers under the concept "You Channel for you 24 hours a day" and "Sabai Dee TV" channel under the concept "various Thai style music, happy watching for the whole family". The music genre including Thai international, country, songs for life and old songs that are popular of RS which can be viewed for the entire family which the viewers can receive YOU Channel and Sabai Dee TV for 3 ways including installation of C Band (black dish) large dish, KU Band (yellow, opaque dish), small dish and the subscribers of local cable television around the country.

Regarding our show production, it is the production and broadcasting in the way of Free to Air which is that the signal can be received or broadcasted for free with not license whatsoever. The company believes that the this business advancement would be successful and reach the break-even point in the year 2010 with the target that within the year 2010 there would be people viewing the two channels not less than 5 million families or in the amount of 20 million people which is deemed the golden opportunity of the goods owner and the business takers to be able to use the channel of new communications that has potential in RS group so that it would create benefit and worthiness and reach the target group. As for "YOU Channel" and "Sabai DeeTV" there would be the income from the main three sources including selling advertisement time 65%, income from digital/media such as download 25% and other activities for another 10% it is believed that at the end of the year 2010 the satellite television business can definitely reach the break-even point which in the past the 2 channels both receives very satisfactory feedbacks.

Mr. Soophachai Nillawan, Executive Vice President - country music business of RS Co., Ltd (Public) said that as for the channel "Sabai Dee TV" today the preparation have been set up in every aspect including the television shows production department. There are artists from many music groups who are ready to present every genre of music including Thai international/country music/music for life and old music of RS that has been very popular in the past. The work operation would include the variety creating the happiness, entertainment to viewers in every group, every gender, and every age in the family which is consistent with the concept of the channel which is "Various style Thai songs, happy to watch for hate whole family". Moreover, "Sabai Dee TV" is also the station of "debut" for people who have a dream to be in the entertainment business in every branch to show off their abilities such as actors, hosts, singers, magicians etc to compete in the competition show fully.

As for Miss Atchara Limtrakoon, Executive Vice President - television business of  RS Co., Ltd (public) reveals that as for the whole picture of "YOU Channel" today there are great perfection by a warm welcoming from the viewers. You Channel would represent the new music work which is very popular from listeners in every gender and every age in order to indulge Thai international music lovers and also indulge people who still appreciates with the old songs which was popular to think about it again and it is also packed with music show, teenager show with on-street style, variety and interactive live show  and the news report of the artists in RS group every day presented by new teenagers creating colors for viewers to receive every viewing pleasure under the concept "You Channel for you 24 hours" along with the arraignment of the activity of road show all around the country.

"We see that by the potential and the preparation of RS today it is the opportunity and the perfect timing in the advancement of satellite television business and cable television and it is anticipated that in the future, Sabaidee TV and YOU Channel would receive popularity in the top rank of satellite televisions. Most importantly we believe that the business advancement this time will be the integral part in creating the business strength to RS in order to lead the organization to be the leader of the perfect and well-rounded entertainment network" Miss Atchara said lastly.