RS grows against economic downturn in Q2 Channel 8 is the hero of the second half of the year

BackAug 13, 2015

Ladprao – RS chief financial officer Darm Nana revealed that in the first half of 2015, Thailand’s economy was slow, which affected the advertising and service sectors. However, in this economic climate, popular TV stations such as Channel 8, Channel 2, Sabaidee TV, and You Channel by RS were advantageous because they could attract advertisers better. Therefore, in the second quarter of 2015, RS generated 835.8 million baht from its three core businesses – 588.5 million from media business, 86 million from music business, and 95.2 million from event business. In the second quarter, its net profit was 42.2 million baht, which is a good sign that the second half of the year will be fruitful, since the industry will enter its high season. Channel 8 will be the main earner and the generator of growth in the long run.

In the second half of the year, its media business generated 588.5 million baht, a 48% decrease. However, if discounting the revenue from the broadcast of World Cup 2014, the growth would be 28% for the TV business, and 18% for the radio business. In its TV business, Channel 8, Channel 2, Sabaidee TV, and You Channel have improved their content to attract viewers, resulting in satisfactory rating. More than 90% of the content is generated by RS, offering flexibility for adjustment and better value for money.

Channel 8 has grown steadily and remains on the number 4 spot of the country. It has also successfully expanded to the audience in major cities, thanks to its monthly adjustment which gives its content variety and quality. It has increased the airtime for drama from 3 days to 5 days a week. In this quarter, its most popular dramas are Likay Mud Sung and Phloeng Phai.

It has also increased its series such as Luang Phee Digital and Lun Rak Kham Rua, which air on weekends and attract more viewers. It has also increased its news content throughout the day. Meanwhile, it has improved its variety content to be more diverse. It has also acquired license from major sport events such as HBO Boxing and UFC.

Channel 2 has undergone a big change, with new content and new concept “In depth news, hot entertainment”, to offer in-depth, up-to-date news. It targets viewers who are interested in the entertainment industry in Thailand and overseas. Following the change, it has attracted more viewers.

Its music business went according to plan. Its revenue came from CD sale and downloads. A part of its growth came from its music streaming service and YouTube. The channel partnered with LINE, a chat application from Japan.

In the second half of the year, it is expected that performance will be better than in the first half. Channel 8 will continue to be the main earner, with new content added. New variety programmes include Dao Pracham Muaeng, Big Heng, and Jew Za. It has also prepared 10 new dramas such as Dok Son Chu, Sud Tae Jai Ja Khwai Khwa, Jaosao Chapoh Kid, and La Dub Tawan. Its new series will increase its drama content from 15% to 20%. Variety shows will be 50%, news 25%, and sports 5%. For its music business, new singles will be released, both contemporary and lookthung. Major events have also been lined up, such as Lookthung Festival 5th and Sabaidee TV On Tour 6th.