RS announces strategies for 2018 Transforming business to aim for 5.3 billion baht revenue, the highest in its history

BackNov 27, 2017

Ushering in the new era, RS unveils its vision for 2018 with a concept Beyond the Limit, aiming to generate 5.3 billion baht in revenue, the highest in its history. This is thanks to its success in its business transformation. Health and beauty business is doing better than its media business, and Life Star is using Product Champion strategy to highlight the best products, with additional products coming up shortly. Channel 8 will go ahead with Primetime Focus strategy, bringing Thai and overseas premium content to attract viewers in primetime slots. In its music industry, it is going ahead with Artist Centric strategy, while a new logo for R Siam will be unveiled on December 1. Music marketing will continue to be the focus, as the company pursues music without boundaries for all target audiences.

Ladprao-Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS PLC, is confident with the government's forecast that the Thai economy in 2018 will grow thanks to several supporting factors such as government investment in mega projects, growth in tourism, export expansion, and stimulus strategies such as Shopping for the Nation campaign. Meanwhile, the political situation in the country is now steady, resulting in higher purchasing power. Advertising is now picking up. For 2018, RS has carefully crafted its strategies and expects that its performance will improve significantly.

After its business transformation, the company is now going forward with the concept "Beyond the Limit". The company will tackle new business opportunities, based on its existing flagship businesses such as Life Star, Channel 8, COOL, music and satellite TV, synergizing them in a unique business model to support and strengthen all of its businesses. RS believes that 2018 will be an exciting and challenging year, with many turning points for the company, thanks to its health and beauty business's record breaking growth. Currently, its health and beauty business continues to reach a new high every month, with a higher margin than competitors. The total revenue for 2018 is expected to reach 5.3 billion baht, the highest in the company's history. Of that number, 47% will be from health and beauty, 46% from media, 5% from music and 2% from events.

Life Star, its health and beauty business, expects to earn 2.5 billion baht thanks to its Product Champion strategy. Currently, it has three core brands - MAGIQUE skincare, REVIVE hair care, and SOM food supplement. More than 30 new products will be released, in addition to existing 37 products. To kick start the year 2018, new products will be launched, such as MAGIQUE Youthful Radiance Detoxifying Instant Glow, MAGIQUE Youthful Radiance Superior Overnight Repair, Lingzhi Sun, Me More food supplement, and Glodivas food supplement. Many new partners are joining to distribute their products through and @Shop1781 on LINE SHOP, thanks to its effective customer base management. Currently, it has more than 700,000 customers, and is expected to reach 1.5 million next year.

Channel 8 expects to generate 2 billion baht thanks to its Primetime Focus strategy, which means it will focus on the After 6 am/pm time slots, using its #1 news programs with the concept "easy words, easy to watch, easy to understand". Its boxing programs, both Thai and international, will attract sport fans, while Bollywood series Wallop Maharaja and Legend of Ganesha will be added to its list. More than 10 new dramas are lined up, featuring magnetic actors and actresses. A new show, Game Riang Ber, offers a chance to win a million baht every day, targeting families. Next year, the eyeball will reach 700,000 per minute, and the company is planning to increase its advertising rate by 45%, effective from January 2018 onwards. Marketing activities will be organized to add liveliness to the market in every region. Meanwhile, the channel will actively broaden its viewership base using online platforms such as Facebook Live feature. In overseas market, it will sell copyright licenses for its dramas to neighboring countries.

Its music business is the first in Thailand to adapt before anyone else and has done exceedingly well, as proven by its steady income and strong profits. Since music is its upstream business which supports other businesses, the company does not have a policy to stop. It aims to generate 250 million baht from its Artist Centric strategy with Music with No Boundaries concept. It will offer a wide array of genres, not just lookthung. A new logo is being launched for R Siam on December 1. Meanwhile, it will use its artists as content to increase its efficiency in revenue generation, using appearances, concerts, presentership, and roles in films and dramas. It will also generate income from streaming and downloading, as well as music licenses. Over 40 new singles are being released next year.

In its music business, Cool Fahrenheit will implement Digital Transformation strategy to expand its online base, targeting Gen C audience age between 20-44 years. This group of listeners are always online. After transforming itself from a radio station to an audio station with a growing audience base both on air and online, it has organized a series of events throughout the year to offer better value to its advertisers. Its signature events include COOL OUTING which has been held quarterly for 13 years, Ink EAT ALL AROUND, and new lifestyle events such as Sport Event and COOL Degree Beyond Rewards through which the audience can earn rewards and redeem cool prizes.