RS introduces World Cup Platinum Sponsors pulling 4 Large Allies to help broadcast "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa"

BackFeb 03, 2010

4 large allies "Chang Beer - Yamaha - Clear Men - Coca Cola" enter into the market and use more than 200 million baht budget for being main supporters of live broadcast "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa" in Thailand and to participate in various on-ground activities to provide fun and excitement to Thai soccer fans to the fullest.

Imperial Queenspark - Mr. Surachai  Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer, of RS said that  RS Public Company Limited, as a media right licensee of FIFA World Cup 2010 in Thailand would like to thank every sponsor who gives support including Chang Beer - Yamaha - Clear Men - Coca Cola who has a part in the fun and help make possible broadcasting of this World Cup to go forward and smoothly as well as our Strategic Partners like Channel 3, Channel 7 and Media Partner like Modern Nine TV(Channel 9), National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (Channel 11)  and the venue supporter like Central World and Siam Paragon.

As for the tournament period which would be during 11 June - 11 July 2010, RS has prepared activity of Big Event in order to create fun along with exciting competition games including 2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 @ Central World and FIFA World Cup @ Siam Paragon by emphasizing the atmosphere, highlighting fan cheering as if watching the game in a real stadium and to see exciting activity which attracts soccer fan to participate from beginning to the end by making the event area into jungle and living room so that people participated in the event would see a large competition like no one has ever done before and to arranging activity to promote World Cup Fever in large cities around the country.

On the KICK-OFF day, event participators would find many entertaining activity such as mini concert from RS artists, actors and actresses team from Channel 3 and Channel 7, activity booth from main sponsors, very creative photo taking zone which would make participators to be able to touch with superstar soccer player closely and to be part of this world cup and to arrange the zone for drinkers who love to eat-drink-listen to music along with watching the game provided. In each day there would be many music band performing live on stage creating excitement for the entire season. In addition, we provide an opportunity for participators to guess that who will be the champion and to guess for the goal maker in every match which we will draw the winner and give the prize on the last day of the final match in order to receive a large price.

Mr. Charlie Jitcharoongphorn, Deputy Managing Director, Thai Beverage Marketing Co., Ltd., said that in the past, the company has operated the business on the foundation of being responsible to society or CSR and to place importance and support on every soccer tournament from grassroots to world class in order to help promote and support soccer in Thailand to be able to compete at an international level. Chang Beer has supported the various soccer projects such as the previous World Cup Broadcasting in 2002 and 2006, a sponsor of Everton Team in English Premier League since the year 2004, a main supporter of Thai Soccer Association since the year 2003 until today. The company has just invested more than 50 million baht to join hand with RS by participating as a Platinum Sponsor to help support live broadcasting of FIFA World Cup 2010 which is a major soccer competition that draw tremendous interest from audiences in the country and worldwide.

As for Miss Jintana Udomsub, Chief of Commerce, Thai Yamaha-Motor Co., Ltd. said that Yahama has supported the sport event continuously and has arranged many soccer-related activities by using marketing of "sport marketing" along with the seller and customers and to conduct many activities for society in sports such as to support the soccer-related activity inside the country and outside the country. They are new form of activities which are different and create novelty for motorcycle realm in Thailand and most importantly soccer is a sport which is very popular and this year there is World Cup Competition, Yamaha has become a main sponsor to broadcast the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa officially which is the emphasize on strategy leader of "sport marketing" of motorcycle realm. Moreover, prior to the period the FIFA World Cup, Yamaha has arranged many fun activities including special activities for Yamaha customers in order to indulge soccer fan in Bangkok and many provinces to create Soccer Year Atmosphere and to welcome the trend of World Cup that is coming.

Ms. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, Vice President Health and Beauty Aids, Unilever Thai Trading Co., Ltd. said that due to the trend of male consumers who takes care of their body more with a good understanding of male lifestyle, Unilever has sent "CLEAR MEN" hair and scalp treatment product with best efficiency in protecting dandruff. In order to aggressively enter the market for men products during the last year and to use soccer as a connection to consumers, Unilever has created a special campaign to let consumers have an opportunity to cheer the real game at the match of Lagiga, Spain which proved very successful. In this year we are glad to follow through exciting activity for consumer continuously starting from sponsoring live broadcast of FIFA World Cup 2010 as well as continuing the contract for a second year with "Chirstiano Ronaldo" who is the FIFA best soccer player in the year 2008 and has a lifestyle of CLEAR MEN who tends to look after themselves well and confident  in spending life to the fullest. At this soccer festive season, CLEAR MEN will prepare many fun activities to Thai Soccer Fan to enjoy throughout the season.

Ms. Krobkeaw  Panyarachun, Portfolio Connection Manager, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd. said that Coca-Cola business group in Thailand has the determination to promote health and hygiene on sports and soccer is a large sport game for people around the world which is not different from coke which is very popular drink for people around the world. Therefore, coke has given support to soccer sports to every level starting from young soccer to professional soccer of the competition in local level to country and world level and to give every excitement of soccer sports to sportsmen and soccer fan in every group. As for FIFA World Cup™ that coke has supported for more than 60 years as an official partner from the year 1978 until 2022. We are determined to share experience and atmosphere of 2010 FIFA World Cup™ so that soccer fan can watch closely and so we participated as Platinum Sponsor of the broadcasting in Thailand in this competition we would arrange live broadcast so that football fan come to cheer the game larger than anytime at the various point around the country because fan of soccer and fan of coke are the same fan.

Mr. Sompong Archanukrow, Manager For Office Of The Chairman of Bangkok Broadcasting and Television Co(BBTV)  said that as Channel 3, Channel 7 both have joined hands to be strategic partners along with RS in broadcasting FIFA CUP 2010 in Thailand so they have arranged the broadcasting program including many special TV programs for Thai viewers to watch this competition fully. Channel 3, Channel 7, Modern Nine TV and National Broadcasting Services of Thailand would take turns broadcasting every match of the competition by starting on 11 June - 11 July 2010.

As for Mr. Surin Krittayaphongphun, Vice-President, Marketing and Sales of Bangkok Entertainment Co., Ltd. said that 2010 FIFA World Cup is a world class tournament with high market value and have largest viewers in the world. In this time we have participated in giving fun and creating a large sports memory in order to give to Thai soccer fan around the country we believe that this competition program would be a program encouraging use of money in regional and family level and greatly hope that the competition of this World Cup would create fun as Thai soccer fan and Soccer fan around the world have been waiting.

Moreover, Mr. Surachai also said that the company is preparing for promoting the event through every media fully for the entire season of 2010 FIFA World Cup such as Channel 3 and Channel 7, Radio media in RS groups including Cool 93 Fahrenheit including P.O.P Radio, Modern Trade Radio Station, LCD monitor in Modern Trade and Bus Advertisement media under the operation of RS In Store Media which is a company in RS group

"We determined that this live broadcast of 2010 FIFA World Cup would be talk of the town tournament certainly because we have used the strength of being the Entertainment Network which combines sport content with entertainment content and medias in the group in order to create highest impact to the tournament. Moreover, with a strong Strategic Partners and Media Partners together with all sponsors, we believe that  Thai soccer fans will greatly enjoy the  FIFA World Cup match as never before and help us achieve the revenue target with no difficulties." Mr. Surachai said.