RS Reveals the Business Plan 2010 Determined to make revenue more than 2,900 million

BackJan 13, 2010

"RS" reveals the business plan of the year 2010 which would focus on creating the efficiency in the work operation and to make the sale channel to be consistent with digital age  and enhanced with sports content and develop the strategy to over the old dead-end market way along with the prosperous work line advancement and evaluate the growth for not less than 30 per cent. It is anticipated to make the revenue of 2,900 baht this year after the adjustment of the organizational structure and the strategy change in a massive business drive that starts to give a clear result and to improve.

Lardprao - Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Co., Ltd (Public) or RS states that the work operation direction in the year 2010 focuses on creating the efficiency in the work operation along with the advancement of potentially growing business to integrate all the business of RS group to move forward together in the group Entertainment & Sport Content Provider and Media Service by setting the goal the in the year 2010, the company would have the total income of 2,900 million baht or to grow around more than 30% comparing to the year 2009 with the proportion of the income from the content business of 75% and media business of 25% by setting the estimate of Gross Margin at 30% in the year 2010.

The strategy has been specified in the business operation of RS in the year 2010 by integrating entertainment content and the sports content with every kind of media at hands by connecting it together in order to be consistent with the Master Plan that has been set up to be used as policy to sub-business in Group. RS has operated the work under the policy of the mother company strictly by integrating the channel to sell mobile telephone and the online music store as part of the music business in order to create the new business structure to the music business in the digital age completely and adjust itself to move forward fully into broadcasting business  and at the mean time using the potential of strong World Class Content as world Cup 2010 to create the income to every business unit of RS group to grow in a strong way and in parallels with the development of the market strategy with customers via customers management work unit in a more tangible way.

The business that is anticipated to grow rapidly and to be very promising of RS in the year 2010 is business of Music & Digital which is the showing of the financial success of the entire group in the last year by Super Package Campaign *339 which allows anyone to download music of RS nonstop. One number can download from every network and can create more members continuously and at the end of the year 2010. We have anticipated the goal to have users more than 3 million people. Moreover, the company is having a plan to combine the entire online work line which are website which is a second life community online with members almost 2 million people and which is the way to present he work or the various content under Online Business work line which the work plan can be laid out more and there is still a plan to open a new website which is in order to answer to the need of teenagers who love to surf the online world and the knowledge outside the class room in the form of Edutainment.

In this year RS would move forward into broadcasting business fully after the service of Satellite Television for 2 channel which are You Channel and Sa Bai Dee TV which have been well received and to open to 1 channel within the first three months of the year 2010 from originally 2 channels in order to find the opportunity to create income for the company and to increase the channel in promoting our artists to be well-known and to reach the target in a wide area. In the meantime the sport business also move forward and it is another work line that is good to pay attention because the usage of the potential of World Class Content such as 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa that is arranged between 11 June - 11 July 2010 has been well responded from spongers and it is anticipated that this program can create income for every business unit of RS group. Moreover, the company also develops and creates the market strategy with customers and business partner via the organization customer management work unit in a tangible way in order to create the income in the long term and maintain good relationship with customers.

The company still operates the business by dividing into 2 mains groups. The first group is Entertainment & Sport Content Provider which includes music business, digital, showbiz, film and sports and Media Service Group which includes business of television, radio and business of modern trade management and to adjust the business structure to be appropriate and consistent and flexible so that the entire business in RS group would move forward and grow along perfectly.

"I see that the entertainment business of Thailand in 2010 would still move forward and believe that music business of RS under the concept Fully Digital Music in this year would be outstanding in the aspect of innovation and creation of income. However, the business advancement in every step of ours must be based on non-negligence by checking oneself all the time and to move in order to catch up to consumers and follow the change of technology. Today, RS must plan in the aspect of strategy and the tactics in reaching new age consumers and the growth is anticipated to grow for more than 30% in the year 2010" said Mr. Surachai.