"RS" is pouring 100 million baht partnering with alliance and world's leading research units developing Health & Beauty products to go beyond success

BackMar 20, 2018

The company is aggressively moving on R&D (Research and Development) projets by partnering with reliable research units with 100 million baht investment on the project after achieving landslide success in its Health&Beauty product “Lifestar” which is started three year ago.

Ladprao - RS chief executive Surachai Chetchotisak, said that RS always keeps focusing on R&D projets in a bid to embrace for the leap growth of Health & Beauty industry in the future as he believes innovation will serve people’s needs on various beauty aspects. Then RS is investing 100 million baht partnering with world’s leading research units to launch the finest selection for Skin Care (Magique), Hair Care (Revive) and Food Supplement (S.O.M.) product lines.

Recently, RS has joined hand with three big name research companies to develop and launch greater products as follows

1.Herb Plus : Thailand’s premium herbal supplements manufacturer introducing the variety of herbs such as Korean Ginseng, Tang Kuei, Acerola Cherry, Goji Berry to make an herbal essence for “Lekcapp” with effective help to nourish joints.

2.AstaReal Group : Japan-based R&D company pioneering in planting Scandinavian Red Seaweed (Haematococcus Pluvialis) to extract pure and effective Astaxanthin essence mixed with Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Virgin Rice Barn and Germ Oil for S.O.M. Time Capsule to help protect Knee Osteoarthritis, the cause of knee joint pain.

3.International Laboratories Co : Skin Care product manufacturer who is keen on Snow Algae usage, making it to be primary ingredient in “Magique Youthful Radiance” to help nourish while revitalising, brightening facial skin. While “Revive” hair care product is made from Japanese Loquat, Tahiti Black Pearl, Caviar and natural truffle to help strengthening hair.

This year, RS projects to generate 3.5 billion baht in its Health & Beauty and Commerce business as it will grow 150% compared to the same period of last year or account for 65% of RS’s total revenue of 5.8 billion baht.

RS strongly believes that its powerful and effective R&D will help fulfilling revenue projection with three strategies.

First, Diversity, the company plans to add more products from 37 to 75 SKU while searching for new products to reach more target groups not only Health & Beauty products but also Electronics, Living, Jewelry and Accessories and the company believes new products will be successful as much as Kitchenware and Slim wear.

Second, Up&Cross Selling, RS had many competitive partnership to help boost revenue as a whole.

Third, Database, the company believes having lots of data for making analysis will make more precise marketing plan to drive revenue.

The company also developed distribution channels to be more competitive among other players in the industry by expanding 1781 Call Center system networking, staff of ww.shop1781.com, LINE Shop of @Shop1781 to attract more clients to reach 1.5 million people from 850,000 people todays.

“Rs’s success has already proven by the 6-time exceeded growth last year thanks to the decision to business overhaul and transformation differently.” Mr Surachai said.

Mr Surachai strongly believes that RS’s total revenue will be definitely impressive, taking a leap growth of both revenue and profit sustainably.