RS CEO over joyed by Channel 8's success Investing a billion baht to push the channel to top three by year end

BackFeb 12, 2015

The digital TV industry has witness brain-crunching competition since the beginning of this year. RS, the seasoned player, is readier than ever. Channel 8 digital TV channel has undergone a programme rescheduling a month ago and is now already at number four in terms of rating, which is according to plan. The company is planning to invest a billion baht for a major makeover again in March, injecting more dramas, variety shows, news programmes, and sport content. Ten new programmes and 10 new dramas will be launched throughout the year. The company is confident that Channel 8 will reach the top three by the end of the year, with revenue and profits according to plan.

Ladprao – Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company Limited, said that the digital TV industry this year is heating up as the competition is getting fiercer. This is because there are several changes in the market, and the ratings of analog channels have decreased significantly, while digital TV ratings are on the rise. The industry is no longer monopolized. Companies who have many channels in their hands but are not ready to produce attractive content can face major problems. Therefore, talents are being headhunted more than ever, and ratings define the potential of attracting advertisers because it means accessibility to the consumers. Each channel’s rating is an important factor in determining advertising rates.

RS is ready to become the leader of digital TV. In January 2015, Channel 8 has undergone a programme rescheduling, which has been met with positive feedback. Surveys reveal that in February 2015, the channel is at number four in terms of ratings, which is according to plan. The channel aims for viewers to spend more time watching it, and to expand its viewership base. To do so, it has added two new dramas “Waen Thong Luang” and “Mae Luak Kerd Dai”, two Chinese series “Women of the Tang Dynasty” and “Tiger Kungfu of Wulin”, boxing programme “8 Max Muay Thai” broadcast live from Max Muay Thai Stadium in Pattaya, featuring Thai and international boxers with advanced light and sound technology to attract the male audience and sports fans of Channel 8 who have been watching Channel 8 since the World Cup, and “Prakai Dao” entertainment programme.

It is planning to invest a billion baht to strengthen the channel and produce new content. The percentage of content is 50% dramas, 30% variety shows, 25% news programmes, and 5% sport content. It will also improve its technology and system to enhance its broadcast quality. There will be marketing events to raise awareness among the public. In March, there will be a major makeover, with 10 news programmes and 10 news dramas throughout the year. This will help strengthen its rating base and boost its potential to reach the top three according to plan by the end of 2015. The channel expects to make 1.9 billion baht, making it the only newcomer to break even within the first year.

Meanwhile, RS’s media business has been successful and is on the right path on becoming Media Revolutionist. Channel 8 digital TV channel will still keep its slogan “Your Friend Everywhere, TV for Everyone” to boost its brand’s strength. The slogan is in line with its market position, which is a friend for all its viewers, any age and gender. It is also accessible and relevant anywhere, anytime. The revenue, profits, and ratings will definitely go according to plan.