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13 Jul 2020
RS Group gets COOLISM on a rocket to create a new S curve and unveils the 3-river strategy to boost the growth
05 Jun 2020
Decoding RS Group's Stride over Disruption Technology by Assimilating to Changes Readily and Viewing Challenges as Normal
11 May 2020
RS Group boasts 184% growth in Q1 Hitting a new high profit record amidst Covid-19
27 Apr 2020
COOLfahrenheit ranks no.1 radio station during Work-from-Home period Launching "Join hands against Covid-19" campaign to help strengthen partners amidst the crisis
15 Apr 2020
Channel 8 reveals its ‘4-legged chair' strategy's success against Covid-19 climate The strategy has proven to help improve revenue base increase, effective risk diversification and continued growth in Q1 2020
27 Mar 2020
RS GROUP proactively adjusts its plan to handle the COVID-19 situation, focusing on keeping its employees safe while pushing the commerce business to grow despite the economy
06 Nov 2019
"Hia Hor" rebrands RS Mall, targeting all platforms both on screen and online to become the leader in MPC
11 Dec 2018
RS reveals vision for 2019, aiming for horizontal growth and 5 billion baht total revenue, the highest in 37 years
19 Nov 2018
"RS" confident in its growth in Q4 "MPC-Channel 8" doing well in high season
30 Oct 2018
"Hia Hor" goes all out, adding magnetic contents to Channel 8 to welcome the last months of the year to attract more viewers and increase advertising time into the New Year
08 Oct 2018
RS stocks receive great feedback after meeting with Japanese corporations as investors are confident in Multi-platform Commerce
24 Sep 2018
RS celebrates the success of its new business, introducing new products and three presenters to achieve even higher sale in the last quarter of the year
13 Sep 2018
COOLfahrenheit, Thailand's top radio station for 18 consecutive years, takes a new step to convert audiences to shoppers with the launch of LINE@COOLanything, an online shopping platform
08 Aug 2018
RS undergoes significant growth in Q2 with 230% increase in profits, handing out 25 satang interim dividend per share
31 Jul 2018
RS strengthens MPC business by partnering with Kerry - SCG Express
19 Jul 2018
Rocking the industry!! Two giants "RS" joins "Bangkok Insurance" Launching marketing strategy - adding new model of insurance sale in Thailand
04 Jun 2018
"RS" revealed second-half year plan with the continuous implementation of MPC business plan, offering parade of quality own & partners products to rock the market.
15 May 2018
RS's got it! Health and beauty business grows 200% in the first quarter World-class labs and high-quality products boost its health and beauty business, supporting its MPC business
20 Mar 2018
"RS" is pouring 100 million baht partnering with alliance and world's leading research units developing Health & Beauty products to go beyond success
22 Feb 2018
RS Plc has successfully achieved 300% of net profit in the last quarter of 2017, mainly driven by rising star "Health & Beauty" sector The company aggressively aims to hit 5.8 billion baht in revenue this year