RS's got it! Health and beauty business grows 200% in the first quarter World-class labs and high-quality products boost its health and beauty business, supporting its MPC business

BackMay 15, 2018

Ladprao - Darm Nana, Chief Financial Officer of RS PLC, said that the company's revenue in the first quarter of 2018 reached 969 million baht while its net profit was 102 million baht, a 117% growth from last year. The company has continued to grow steadily from last year, way ahead of its competitors in the industry. This is thanks to its Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) business, which grew 191% in terms of revenue and enjoyed significantly higher profits than competitors, thanks to the addition of health and beauty products under brands Magique, Revive and S.O.M. Meanwhile, it has also branched out to home and lifestyle products such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, and clothing. Repeat orders are seen in its existing customer base, while new ones continue to increase and reach a new high every month. The company is sure that it can achieve its 5.8 billion baht revenue target.

Additionally, thanks to Channel 8 as the flagship of its media business, with #2 prime time rating in the country and top 5 rating in evening prime time, advertising revenue has nearly doubled in March, a new phenomenon despite a slow season for the media market. It has also secured long-term advertisement and sold advertising platforms as expected.

Things are looking positive in the 2nd quarter as both Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) and Channel 8 are still on track. The two businesses complement one another, and the company balances external advertisement and its own advertisement well. As a result, its platforms are maximized, generating higher profits for the company. The rising star of the company is the Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) business as the company partners with world-class labs to conduct research and produce high-quality products that meet international standard to meet various needs of consumers. New products and innovations are constantly added, such as accessories, electronic devices and gadgets.

"It has been three years since we entered the health and beauty business with Life Star. We expect that it will be our main earner in the future, so we are very committed to developing it. We are aware that health and beauty products must have high quality and be carefully produced. Therefore, we have partnered with world-class labs in Switzerland, France, Spain and Japan to invent new beauty innovations for our consumers. They can rest assured that our products are of high quality and certified by the FDA," said Darm.

Channel 8 receives excellent feedback for its newly added contents such as two mega series from India - Chandrakanta and Jaat Ki Jugni. Hanuman continues to be the channel's magnet, while TV drama Saneh Nang Kruan is doing well thanks to its magnetic cast. The channel has a plan to increase evening dramas on Mondays to Fridays, and boxing programs will be added to indulge sports fans in the 2nd quarter.

The success of its media business and health and beauty business, as well as the potential of its Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) business, make the company confident that it can achieve its goal of 5.8 billion baht revenue this year.