RS remains strong and profitable in the first quarter Rising as the leader of the health and beauty industry

BackMay 17, 2017

Ladprao - RS chief financial officer Darm Nana said that the company has earned 47 million baht profit in the first quarter of 2017, bagging 752 million baht in revenue, a 70% increase from Q4 of 2016. The company continues to thrive even though the media industry is dropping, partly thanks to the success of LifeStar, its subsidiary which has grown significantly, emerging as the leader of Thailand’s health and beauty industry. LifeStarhas become the company’s main business today. RS is adapting its business model to become a consumer product and retail business, with its media business as a core business which can support the growth of its health and beauty arm. The company is confident that it is on the right path and will reach its revenue goal of 3.5 billion baht by the end of the year.

In the first quarter of the year, the company has adjusted its plans to keep up with the rising health and beauty trends. LifeStar has exceeded its goal after launching a wide array of skincare, hair care and supplementary products. One of its strengths is that it can utilize RS’s media platforms for marketing and distribution. As a result, in the first quarter of 2017, its sales volume already matches 2016’s annual volume. Meanwhile, its monthly sales continue to break records, while the margin continues to be impressive. Recently, the company has joined forces with new partners to sell more products on its telesales channels. This will make LifeStar the main earner of the company.

Channel 8 also did well in the first quarter of 2017, compared to the same period last year. This is because new contents are added and new partners have come on board to sign long-term advertising contracts. Channel 8 also benefits from the government’s and NBTC’s relieve measures, which include a 3-year extension of its payment period, which in turn reduces its interest burden by 40 million baht.

However, in the third quarter of this year, Channel 8 will undergo another programmechange. In the first two quarters, three in-house shows have been added, including AroiKhan Thep Channel 8 which recommends popular eateries throughout Thailand, on air from Mon-Fri at 11.15am-12.00pm, JorPraden Khao Den, which analyzes news and hot topics, on air from Mon-Fri at 12-12.45pm, and Jeed Jad Bantherng, a weekly showbiz news programme, on air every Monday at 10.45am. Four new dramas have also been unveiled, namely Sai Yom See, Phloeng Rak Fai Marn, Ngao Athan, and Jai Luang. Popular Chinese series Zhu Tian Bao, starring K-pop star Kim Ki Bum, on air every Sat-Sun at 9.45am. Bollywood series SiyaKe Ram continues to be popular. New contents are expected to help the channel attract 500,000 eyeballs per minute, from currently 350,000 eyeballs. Its rating is among the top 5 as of April 2017.