RS strengthens Life Star as year 2017 is wrapping up Self-positioned as a "home tele-shopping" business, with an aim for 1.2bn baht in sale

BackSep 18, 2017

RS pushes its health and beauty business Life Star as a rising star, as the company has bagged 500 million baht in the first half of the year, exceeding its annual target. Its bestselling products “Time Capsule – Revive – Magique Noble White” contribute to the steep growth, while two new products will be released to further strengthen the business. Life Star positions itself as a “home tele-shopping” business. It has earned trust from many partners because it is able to offer a complete service as a media owner which can also create advertising and close deals through its call center shop 1781, as well as deliver the products to the consumers. It expects that its revenue will reach 1.2 billion baht by the end of the year.

Ladprao - Mrs. Pornpan Techarungchaikul the Chief Operating Officer of RS PLC, said that Life Star, its health and beauty business, is the rising star despite the slow economy. In the first six months of the year, it has generated 500 million baht in sale, exceeding the annual target of 440 million baht. Its sale has nearly tripled compared to the same period last year, in which it generated 140 million baht, while profitability is around 70-75% depending on the product, which is satisfactory and higher than the media business. Its top three bestsellers are Time Capsule supplementary food for healthy joints, Revive haircare product, and Magique Noble White for brighter skin.

In Q3, its sale has grown significantly, reaching a new high every month. In September, the sale exceeded 180 million baht, an increase from 150 million baht in August. The trend is expected to continue. Currently, it has crafted a careful strategic plan for Q4, with plans to introduce new products. Meanwhile, it has positioned itself as a “home tele-shopping” service using the 1781 brand. Life Star is now seeking new partners who are interested in presenting their health and beauty products through its teleshopping channel, and it is confident that it can reach its adjusted annual target of 1.2 billion baht, a 500% increase from last year, in which it generated 220 million baht.

Contributing factors that have attracted new business partners like Donut Collagen TriPeptide, Lingzhi Plus Shiitake, and My Brainy, include three strengths – being the owner of five strong media channels namely Channel 8, Channel 2, Sabaidee TV, You Channel, and Ploen TV; having original marketing ideas that make it stand out from competition and appeal to the consumers; and having a strong database with more than 500,000 names on the list. Therefore, the company is able to manage its business efficiently through its teleshop 1781, which has grown by 300% compared to last year, in which it had 120,000 customers. Among those in the database, 400,000 are active.

Dr Chakrit Pichyangkul, managing director of Life Star, said that in Q4 this year, the company is releasing new products to increase its business opportunities. A few products will be food supplement under S.O.M (Science of Body&Mind) for health-conscious consumers, and another innovation will strengthen the success of Revive haircare brand. The products are expected to get positive feedback since there’s a lot of potential as Thailand is becoming an aging society by 2025, and many senior people concern about their well-being and have hair loss problems.

Recently, it has partnered with Watson, Eve and Boy, and Tops Market to offer 25% discount on its two bestsellers – Magique Youthful Radiance with red algae from the Alps for those in their 30s looking for anti-aging products, and Magique Noble White with mineral water from Mount Fuji, for consumers in their 20s. It will also work with drugstores like Fascino, Vitamin Club and Watson nationwide to offer a special discount on Clear Expert acne care product with nano technology from the US.