RS injects more investment into Channel 2 Full Entertainment on channel number 38 Preparing entertainment news and dramas to rock TV industry

BackDec 14, 2015

RS injects additional 100 million baht to fulfill its Channel 2 Full Entertainment, forming a bigger and better entertainment news team with more than 60 members to get the latest in the entertainment industry, faster and more intense than ever. New programme schedule is ready for 2016, with RS dramas to rock the TV industry in three time slots. The company aims to bag some 400 million baht by the end of this year.

Pattira Palawatvichai, Executive Vice President Television Business of CH 2, RS Public Company Limited, said that on December 1, Channel 2 has moved to channel number 38 on every platform and system to respond to the new channel number list. Most of the viewers, especially Channel 2 fans, are aware and follow the channel as usual, since the company has informed the general public about the change before.

Recently, it has invested 100 million baht to improve its rating and attract more advertising budget from agencies using the concept “Full Entertainment”. As an in-depth entertainment news channel, it aims to expand its viewership base to those who are interested in showbiz news. Its entertainment news team has more than 60 members, plus full-scale tools and technologies, to report the latest in Thai and international entertainment industry.

The new entertainment news team and the programme adjustment will see the entertainment content increase to 40%. Entertainment news will be aired four times a day – Channel 2 Entertainment Morning/Noon/Afternoon/Night, providing the latest updates in the entertainment industry. There is also Channel 2 Flash News, which offers live updates every hour, to provide the fastest and most in-depth entertainment news.

To keep up with its “Full Entertainment” concept, Channel 2 is also introducing successful RS dramas to be aired three times a day – morning drama at 6:30am, noon drama at 11:30am, and evening drama at 6:30pm. Starting December 2, Mia Thuen will be aired from Mondays to Thursdays, and Thong Prakai Saed will be aired on Fridays to Sundays. There are many other dramas from RS to be aired later, so Channel 2 fans can count on great entertainment.

Saucy variety shows are another highlight of the channel, such as Jud Dued, Perd Pong, Show Tak Fong, Sod Mai Thailand, Khrua Lan Thung, Dara Talad Taek, and others. Channel 2 will continue delivering great variety shows since these shows attract viewers and boost the channel’s rating. A few new shows will be added, including Jab Dara Ma Talok, which is a sit-com style variety show led by Ekkapan Banluerit, Chaiya Mitchai, and Nui Chernyim, and Jing Jok Phuek, which is an entertainment gossip show. These shows are Channel 2’s signature and are well-received by the fans nationwide.

“This strengthening effort under the concept Channel 2 Full Entertainment at channel number 38 will equip Channel 2 with hot entertainment news, hit dramas, and fun variety shows. They make our content stronger and fuller, so we will certainly win higher rating in2016,” Pattira said.