RS invests 50 million baht to position Channel 2 as Thailand's first "in-depth news, hot entertainment" channel

BackJul 15, 2015

RS is upping its ante in the TV industry as Channel 2 remains on the number one spot among entertainment variety channels. The company is investing 50 million baht to upgrade its entertainment news content under the concept “in-depth news, hot entertainment”, aiming to become the country’s top entertainment news channel. It will deploy 3i strategies – intense, in-depth, and in time, aiming to generate 400 million baht or a 100% growth from last year.

Ladprao-RS chief operating officer Pornpan Techarungchaikul said that the company is planning strategies to keep the number one position among entertainment variety channels in satellite TV, while increasing its profits by expanding viewership base and loyalty. On July 1, it was announced that the company is investing 50 million baht to revamp its entertainment news content under the concept “in-depth news, hot entertainment”, presenting in-depth, in-time, and intense news, in order the strengthen the channel.

This revamping process aims to expand its viewership base to include those who are interested in entertainment news in Thailand and overseas, especially about actors. The channel aims to become the country’s top entertainment news channel and to generate 400 million baht this year, or a 100% growth compared to last year, in which it earned 200 million baht. The success factor is over 50 news reporters and team members who are on the field to get the latest update in entertainment throughout the day. It also has LIVE U broadcasting vans to report live using 3G for in-depth, in-time, and intense news. The fans can stay tuned to the latest in the entertainment business in Thailand and overseas.

“We have studied the market that news is the biggest viewer magnet, especially entertainment news. There are fans who want to know the latest all the time, and as a content provider who has been in the entertainment business for a long time, and the owner of several TV stations, we are in an advantageous position to respond to that need. We are confident that the new look will appeal to entertainment fans around the country. Although we’ve just revamped our channel less than a month ago, the direct feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been positive, and agencies and advertisers are very interested in this change. They have contacted us to inquire about new programmes.”

Pattira Palawatvichai, Executive Vice President Television Business of CH 2, said that Channel 2 is positioned as an “in-depth news, hot entertainment” channel. It uses 3i strategy, which includes intense, in-depth, and in-time. Many news programmes have been developed, such as breaking news, trending news, current news, and in-depth analysis, in order for the channel to become Thailand’s top entertainment news channel. The reprogramming took place on July 1, and more weight is placed on news programmes (40%), while variety programmes contribute to 60% of the total content. A few new programmes are being introduced, such as Perd Pong by Santi Sawetwimol which already debuted, and Ros Khem which will debut in August. The channel is confident that the content will be well-received by the viewers.

Entertainment news, which is the core content of the channel, will be aired during four time slots. Channel 2 Morning Entertainment presents latest news. Channel 2 Midday News offers the latest update on hot issues. Channel 2 Afternoon News wraps up the day’s latest news, focusing on live report. The highlight of the day will be presented in Channel 2 Evening News, with analysis and in-depth interviews. Additionally, there will be updates throughout the day in Channel 2 Flash News for breaking news and the latest development.

Some of its current variety programmes are very well-received. The first category is live shows, such as Sod Mai Thailand, Show Tak Fong, and Dara Variety Poll. The second category is outdoor programmes such as Dara Talad Taek, Khrua Lan Thung, and Baan Khrai Wa. The programmes will be improved to offer more entertainment to the fans of Channel 2. The channel will focus on its content to appeal to the viewers and new programmes will be introduced. This is why the company is confident that the channel will become Thailand’s top entertainment news channel under the concept “in-depth news, hot entertainment” in the near future.