Channel 8 goes all out in final quarter, teaming up with JSL to produce variety shows to rock digital TV

BackSep 15, 2015

Channel 8 goes all out in last quarter, teaming up with JSL to produce two new variety shows, plus five in-house shows, with confidence to remain in digital TV leadership status

Ladprao – Dr.Ong-art Singlumpong, senior executive vice-president of Channel 8, RS Public Company Limited, said he is satisfied with Channel 8’s steady growth. The main highlight of the channel is dramas, which play an important role in creating brand awareness and recognition in its initial days. Next, sport content such as Tad Chuek Thai Boxing, HBO World Boxing Channel 8, UFC, and 8 Max Muay Thai, also helps attract eyeballs and enjoys better rating than expected. In the last quarter of this year, variety shows will help enhance the channel’s rating.

Recently, it has joined hands with JSL Global Media, one of the most experienced content producers in Thailand, to produce two new variety programmes for the channel – Dao Pracham Muang, a game show to search for stars in various fields of work, led by Film Rattapoom Tokongsup and Aimee Morakot Kittisara, to be broadcast every Sunday at 13:40/22:00, and Big Heng, a game show based on celebrities and their beliefs, led by Kai Samapol Piyapongsiri, to be broadcast every Sunday at 9:00/15:10. The two shows target every age and gender, and will debut on September 20.

“Channel 8 and JSL will work together in many angles. In the first phase, we co-produce variety shows such as Big Heng Dara Tha Duang and Dao Pracham Muang. They present a unique concept, and the two first shows will air on the same day. JSL is experienced and skilled in producing good content, while Channel 8 has a big fan base nationwide. Together, I believe we make the right combination. I am sure that this partnership will lead to big success. The next phase is dramas and sit-coms, and I can guarantee that they will be great,” Dr Ong-art said.

Additionally, five new variety shows will be produced in-house, such as Jew Sa which is a reality show for kids, and Erk Show which is a talk show inviting stars to talk about hot issues. Presently, the content ratio is 20% dramas, 50% variety shows, 25% news, and 5% sport content. The content production ratio is 90% in house and 10% outsourced. The change will help increase viewership to 450,000 per minute, from presently 350,000 per minute. The number is satisfactory as it means the channel is able to secure its rating and position as the leader of digital TV.

The channel also organizes Channel 8 Meets Friends roadshow nationwide, which helps increase brand awareness of Channel 8 among the general public. In the last quarter of the year, the roadshow will take place at Central Plaza Phitsanulok on September 26, The Mall Nakhon Ratchasima on October 11, Central Plaza Rama II on November 1, Central Plaza Rayong on November 14, and Central Plaza Westgate on December 13. Billboards with the slogan “Everyone watches Channel 8” will continue to be put up in major cities for brand awareness purpose

In the first eight months, the competition among digital TV was fierce as expected, because every player had to try hard to push their rating and win advertising budget. The market share in digital TV has seen a significant change. Regarding viewership, the two major players’ market share has decreased by 12% from 56% to 44%, while the third and fourth biggest players saw their market share double from 5% to 11%. The remaining 45% is up for grabs for other 20 channels and many other satellite TV channels, which means the competition is very intense.

Mr.Vachara Vaewuthinand, CEO of JSL Global Media, said that the company is delighted to work with Channel 8, which is a TV channel with nationwide fan base. JSL is experienced in producing content, and it is confident that the new content will be well-received. In the first chase, JSL helps produce Big Heng Dara Tha Duang, in which stars are invited to test their luck. It is a fun programme that plays with fortune. Another show is Dara Pracham Muang, which is a new concept in Thailand. It presents people in various jobs, allowing them to talk about what they do, the value of their work, and what goes on behind the scene. The selected participants are good looking and well-recognized in their field of work.

“Actually, since the launch of digital TV, I think Channel 8 is one of the rising stars. With fun variety shows that we produce – we have worked in this industry for 30 years – we can both grow together,” said Vachara.