RS announces to make a crucial move into digital music business by opening the first on-line "Music Social Network" in Thailand.

BackFeb 17, 2010

RS opens online business plan in the year 2010 and firmly announces a complete social networking platform in Thailand by opening the website This website will be served as an important tool to fulfill "Fully Digital Music" strategy. RS decides to reposition the website into the concept of "Online music store...Any music can be found". It is the first digital music store that uses Music Social Network system in Thailand with the outstanding feature of "Genius Music Search Engine" that is easy to use and answer every need of customers. The service rate starts at only 15 baht/song and the customers can also apply for the monthly subscription "RS Super Mao Online" at only 39 baht/month for an unlimited download of RS songs. It is anticipated that the new website will more than double the membership as well as the daily traffic.

Lad Prao - Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Co., Ltd (public) or RS reveals that online business is another business that is deemed a new star of RS in this year. The company will streamline the music business operation to be fully consistent with the digital age by separating " On-line Business " from "Digital Business" in order to increase the working flexibility and efficiency.

Lately, RS has made "Repositioning" of the website under the concept of "Online music store...any music can be found" and believes that will be an important jigsaw that would fullfill the music business to move into a perfect "Fully Digital Music". It is anticipated that in this year of 2010, the online business of RS would grow for not less than 25% with 107 Million revenue.

As for Mr. Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, Vice President of RS Online Business said that this new form of would emphasize on being the first "Music Social Network" in Thailand under the concept "Online music store... any music can be found". The outstanding point of social network would help customers to reach the music in a greater amount and more easily and to share their music to friends who come to which are more than one hundred thousands a day and to connect to other social network such as facebook, twitter, hi5 or even which increases the opportunity in loading more music. Moreover, we have more than ten thousands of song to choose from so we emphasizes on the convenience in searching for music by music smart search system in order to answer to every need of customers.

The content that RS has provided on the website in this new format would have more than 30,000 music and the music would be divided into 4 segments including POP, Indy, Country and Song for life and Time Machine music in order to be consistent with the market that has the need in the music in every target group starting from teenagers to working people including urban and suburban area. As for the service fee rate in downloading the music, customers can choose by dividing into 2 types as follows. Type 1, for people who download in a small amount, customers can download the music in the starting service fee rate at 15 baht/music and type 2 is for people who download in a large amount, customers can apply for the service of "RS Super Mao Online" by loading unlimited RS music for 39 baht/months. As for the payment method, the company has prepared many payment methods to customers via "True Money" which can be bought at every branch of 7-11 and it is prepared to refill the money via Tesco Lotus and Credit Card soon in order to create the choice and convenience to customers who loves to listen to music.

"I see that in the last year the growth of Social Network around the world grows very fast and it has a crucial role to many business operation in Thailand.  As a result, RS see a great opportunity in this untapped market which no one has come before. Moreover, music business around the world has adjusted into a fully digital music. Hence, it should be a good time to start a new era of Thai music business by repositioning the website into the first music social network in Thailand. The company is confident that the membership will more than double after opening the new website " Mr. Artist said.