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22 Dec 2014
Channel 8 in the spotlight, sought after by agencies and companies Announcing partnership with Caltex for a New Year campaign
12 Nov 2014
RS reveals Q3 performance sees its profit grow more than 100% Last minute hero is Channel 8 and Channel 2
06 Oct 2014
RS pushes Channel 2 to the top of satellite TV by mid-2015 under the slogan "full flavored entertainment for you", presenting more flavorful content
25 Sep 2014
"RS" has undergone a major restructure for its music business and appointed Supachai Nilawan to oversee the overall picture of this business unit.
15 Aug 2014
"Channel 8 Digital TV" exceeds 1.373 billion baht in second quarter RS positive about second half of the year
29 Jul 2014
"RS" impressed with success of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, instantly pushing Cool Celsius to number 1 among international music stations
23 Jun 2014
World Cup 2014 content sees Channel 8's rating triple, instantly reaching top 3
28 May 2014
RS brews up World Cup storm in last stage before kickoff Over 300,000 World Cup boxes sold to date
16 May 2014
RS shows strong performance in 1Q14 despite political woes Channel 8's rating thrives due to new dramas and programs
09 May 2014
RS pushes Channel 8 to compete in digital TV, using the slogan "Your Friend Everywhere, TV for Everyone"
22 Apr 2014
RS appoints TCC to tackle World Cup broadcasting violation full on Small scale businesses enjoy waivers
16 Apr 2014
RS positions its "Channel 2" at channel 2 on every platform to make the channel easily accessed in order to be at the top of the competition
01 Apr 2014
RS confirms FIFA World Cup goes according to original business plan, airing 22 matches on free TV and aiming to generate 650 million baht
18 Mar 2014
RS unveils four big names as World Cup 2014 broadcasting partners
13 Mar 2014
RS rocks the sport scene by introducing World Cup 2014 box, offering live broadcast of every match
28 Feb 2014
RS unveils record breaking revenue in 2013, reaching new high net profit of 400 million Shareholders delighted as board greenlights 35 satang dividend
19 Feb 2014
"Coolism" implements 360-degree engagement to remain on top of radio industry, aiming to bag over 960 baht revenue
28 Jan 2014
RS unveils plan to become Media Revolutionist in 2014 Turning media industry around and remaining as Thailand's entertainment leader with revenue over 5 billion baht
21 Jan 2014
RS rebrands Starmax as "Channel 2" under the concept "extreme flavor for Thai fans", aiming to be the number one satellite TV in Thailand
16 Jan 2014
RS off to a head start, introducing Channel 8 on digital TV platform this April CEO confident about making profits in first year without increasing capital