RS reveals vision for 2019, aiming for horizontal growth and 5 billion baht total revenue, the highest in 37 years

BackDec 11, 2018

RS reveals its vision for 2019 with a concept of “Horizontal Integration” for horizontal expansion to new business opportunities. The strategy focuses on diversification in order to diversify its businesses and introducing new additions. The aim for next year is to generate 5 billion baht of revenue, the highest in 37 years since the company was founded. Next year, new highlight of the MPC business is LIFESTAR BIZ, a new platform which invites vendors nationwide to be LIFESTAR retailers. Big campaigns will be released throughout the year, while new products will be launched in order to drive sales. Channel 8 will still stick with the concept of “Everyone Watches Channel 8”, targeting mass 35++ viewers. It will maintain its high ratings as a leading TV channel in Thailand. R Siam will use Music Marketing and Services to introduce music for all target audiences.

Ladprao - Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company Limited, said that the economy in Thailand will continue to grow in 2019 thanks to the recovering domestic and international spending from a variety of reasons, such as better tourism and export, investment in facilities, and upcoming mega projects by the government, all of which will help stimulate the economy in Thailand. IMF forecasts that Thailand's economic performance will continue to be favorable, with growth rising to 3.9 percent, while other sources predict that Thailand’s growth will be around 4%.

For 2019, RS plans to enter a new era of business entirely, with a concept of “Horizontal Integration”. New businesses will be added, as the company implements its diversification strategy to diversify its businesses and introduce new additions. The strength of its Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) business model will be synergized with media and music businesses for more efficiency. Its viewers and music fans will be treated as a database to maximize management for better results. The year 2019 will be another golden year for RS and it expects to grow by leaps and bounds, generating 5 billion baht in revenue, the highest in the company’s 37-year history. The MPC business will be the main earner at 60% contribution, followed by the media business at 30%, as it continues to grow but is a secondary business. Music and event business, which continue to perform well, will be a significant contributor to the company’s revenue, at about 10%.

Over the past four years since the MPC business was launched, it has been a great success with excellent feedback from consumers. From October onward, it has continued to reach a new high every month. Next year, in addition to big campaigns throughout the year to stimulate sales, there will be more than 100 new items released, in partnership with world-class labs in order to offer new innovations to meet the needs of consumers. It will also join hands with partners to introduce high-quality products from leading brands. At present, there are more than 100 products on offer in various categories namely Health and Beauty category at 80%, including skincare brand Magique, haircare brand Revive and food supplement brand S.O.M, Home & Lifestyle category at 15%, and Accessories and others at 5%. Its most wide-reaching platforms are Channel 8, Channel 2, Sabaidee TV 141, Ploen TV, and Cool Fahrenheit radio station, and online platforms, LINE@shop1781 which offers instant shopping, free delivery nationwide and cash on delivery, LINE@COOLanything to make every shopping experience inspire you, and retailers nationwide such as Watson, Tops Market, Vitamin Club and Health Up.

The company is also successful in managing its database which now has more than a million customers. The database will be used to build LIFESTAR BIZ, a new highlight business by RS which will recruit salespersons nationwide through three main channels: telephone number 02-090-1214, website and Lifestar BIZ application which is compatible with both Android and iOS. Salespersons can join Lifestar BIZ and sell Lifestar products under the concept “Easy Income at Fingertips”. The business is expected to be well-received and there will be 1,000 Lifestar BIZ salespersons next year. Initially, special privileges will be offered to Lifestar BIZ salespersons, such as special prices and extra discounts, or prizes when meeting targets. In the future, there will be exclusive brands in various categories for Lifestar BIZ salespersons to sell.

RS is confident that its new business will be a success as it is ready to support Lifestar BIZ salespeople to achieve their targets through high-quality health and beauty products with international standards created in partnership with world-class research centers, efficient advertising as the owner of Channel 8 and other satellite channels, as well as Thailand’s number 1 radio station, ensuring the products will be promoted nationwide to target consumers. It also has a strong Call Center team which offers business tips 24 hours a day, while website and application make it easier for customers to shop.

For its media business, Channel 8 is the flagship platform, and next year there will be premium magnet contents, both local and international, such as Thai dramas, Indian series, news programs, variety shows, and boxing programs. The concept remains “Everyone Watches Channel 8” and the target is mass 35++. The channel is confident that it will retain its leadership position and keep its 400,000 viewers nationwide.

Beginning early next year, new dramas will be aired longer every Saturday and Sunday evening, while weekday evening dramas will be enhanced, so that drama fans can enjoy great contents every day of the week. The channel swtiched to fasntasy and period dramas, such as Sab Krasue and Sin Lai Hong, which have increased the channel’s overall rating and attracted more advertisers will into 2019. Its news programs are also strengthened and see higher ratings with the addition of Kor Pratu Du Chong 8, which sends its team to visit Channel 8 viewers nationwide.

It has also introduced the craze for Indian series in Thailand, with many new Indian series lined up. Indian series is a magnetic content which has increased the channel’s rating and has a strong group of audience. Meanwhile, new variety programs will be added, targeting families. Sports contents will also be highlighted, such as live boardcast of 8 Muay Thai Super Champ, featuring Thai and international boxers, with exciting light and sound.

Cool Fahrenheit radio station, the all-time number 1 easy listening station, will continue to grow despite the radio station industry. The station has a plan to offer better value for money for its advertisers by expanding its online audience base, targeting Gen C age between 20-44. Meanwhile, its signature activities will be continued, such as COOL Music Festival, a mega concert by the lake to be held in mid-2019, COOL OUTING which has been held for nine consecutive years, Ink EAT ALL AROUND which will take the audience to enjoy great food in Thailand and overseas, now held in its 14th year, and COOL Degree Beyond Rewards which invites online audience to collect points on COOLISM application and redeem cool prizes throughout the year.

The company’s music business is an upstream business which can be branched out to other business opportunities. R Siam is highlighted as a single brand under the Music Marketing and Services strategy to produce limitless music for all target audiences. The main income will come from online channels such as music streaming and downloading. More than 40 new singles will be released next year, by artists such as superstar Ble Pratumrat whose videos have reached a billion views, lukthung sensation Bitoey who is a Channel 8 actress, Thailand’s new queen of dance Kratae, sexy singer Ja, and rising stars Lada, Tonkhao, Pleng, and Bew Pongpipat. Hits from the 1990s will be brought back by its artists, such as Ble Pratumrat with Khwam Nai Jai (originally by Tom Rainbow), Kratae with Luen (originally by Touch Na Takuatung), Kluay with Thong Mai Rub (originally by Dunk Phunkorn), Pleng R Siam with Nai Sai Lom (originally by Ae Sasikan), Tonkhao with Rueng Thammada (originally by James Ruangsak), and Bew Pongpipat and Luang Kai with Cheewit Na (originally by Sua Thanapol).