RS adds a new satellite channel "Ploen TV", the first TV station for seasoned viewers

BackJul 01, 2015

RS is confident that satellite TV is still profitable, and as Thailand is becoming an ageing society, RS is investing 100 million baht to introduce a new satellite channel – Ploen TV. The channel’s concept is “Live happily, do what you love”. It is positioned as Thailand’s first TV channel designed for the ageing viewers above 55 years old. RS is confident that the channel will be successful, as there is a lot of advertising potential among this group. The channel is expected to gain the highest rating among senior viewers, bagging 60 million baht revenue in 6 months of its first year, and breaking even within two years.

Pornpan Techarungchaikul, COO of RS Public Company Limited, said that from now on, the competition in digital TV and satellite TV will grow more intense, and every operator is trying to attract eyeballs. Most of the viewers today are only interested in the content, but do not care whether it’s on a digital TV channel or satellite channel. Even though it’s been a year since digital TV has been introduced, its coverage is not yet nationwide, and many families still watch TV through satellite dishes, which cover 70% of the households. Satellite TV is a major platform that shouldn’t be overlooked, because it’s a profitable business in the long run. Therefore, RS sees the importance of both digital TV and satellite TV.

In 2017, Thailand will fully become an ageing society, since the senior population will reach 20% of the total population of 67 million people. RS sees the opportunity in this market segment, and has decided to invest 100 million baht to introduce a new satellite channel under the name Ploen TV on channel number 10 on every platform. The concept is “Live happily, do what you love”. The target audience is senior viewers. The channel is expected to gain the highest rating among senior viewers, bagging 60 million baht revenue in 6 months of the operation in the first year, and breaking even within two years.

Success factors for Ploen TV are: 1. This target group has high purchasing power – some have a stable business, some have a steady pension income, and some receive financial support from their children 2. They spend a lot of time at home watching TV, especially health programmes. They also like to meet friends and have hobbies. 3. They are more likely to have brand loyalty compared to other age groups. If they like a programme or a product, they will not hesitate to repeat their purchase.

Additionally, RS has been in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, and over the past five years, it has been successful in its satellite TV business. Today, it is a leading media company in Thailand – its satellite TV rating is higher than many digital TV channels, and its channels have remained at the top of each category among satellite TV channels.

“We are confident that Ploen TV will be well-received by the senior viewers nationwide because we are positioned as the first TV channel designed for this target group. We offer health and happiness. We present knowledge, entertainment, and activities that will keep the senior viewers happy while they are at home, as they enjoy age-appropriate content. Ploen TV will also appeal to agencies and products that target senior citizen, such as health food, household utensils, insurance, and financial products,” Pornpan said.

Pattira Palawatvichai, Executive Vice President Television Business of Ploen TV, said that the channel is positioned as a channel for those above 55 years old. The strategy is Unique Value Marketing, since it’s the first and only TV channel in Thailand that features well-rounded content for this age group, such as music, health, food, nature, travel, hobbies, Dhamma, and activities. The aim is for the channel to be the centre for the ageing people and to give them happiness 24 hours a day.

Initially, the channel has been on trial run since June 1. Its retro music programmes – Mon Phleng Lookthung, Phleng Lookkrung Wanwan, and Oldies Goldies, are very well received, especially during primetime.

Ploen TV will fully operate on July 1, introducing 10 variety shows designed for the senior viewers. Khui Ploen Muang Thai is a daily talk show that discusses current matters related to the seniors, led by Nirut Sirijanya, Mayura Savetsila, and Wirot Tangwanit. Samosorn Sukhaphab Dee is led by Sararat Rumruangwong, who will talk about health and food. Sawasdee Khun Mor is led by Pimonwan Hoonthongkam, who will interview doctors about health issues. Show Pradab Dao is led by Charas Fuangarom and Viyada Komarakul Na Nakorn, bringing you old classic songs. Dhamma Chuen Ban is led by Suda Chuenban, who will speak to monks about modern day problems. Dao Nai Duang Jai is led by Piyamas Monyakul, who will interview former stars about their past and present. Chuan Chom, by Nirut Sirijanya, will introduce you to gardens and flowers. The channel brings 24 hours of entertainment and happiness every day for the senior citizen nationwide, exclusively on Ploen TV, the only TV channel for the seasoned viewers.