RS does not lose grip on radio business Investing 55 million for Soundation & Lifestyle Engagement strategy to push Coolism for 500 million baht revenue

BackMar 25, 2015

Coolism executive is confident that radio still remains the most accessible media among officer workers. The station will use Soundation & Lifestyle Engagement strategies to tackle the market, and invest big money despite the digital trend. Fifty-five million baht will be invested, with many events lined up throughout the year to rock the radio industry. Coolism is assured that it will continue to be number one this year, 15 years in a row, and bag 535 million baht this year - a 20% growth from last year.

Sutee Chatratanakul, managing director of Coolism Co Ltd, who operates Cool Fahrenheit 93, said that the radio industry has fully transitioned from analog to digital, and Coolism will use Soundation strategy to make the most out of this change. The number of the station's audience who access the station on digital platforms such as smartphone, PC, and desktop is about 3 million per month, which is almost twice as many as those listening through analog platforms. The company has developed applications and increased the capacity of the system to cater to the ever-growing digital audience.

As for its marketing campaign, it will focus on getting straight to the point in meeting the audience's lifestyle needs. It has set up aggressive plans since earlier this year, such as "Ang Bao Tua Tua Kai" campaign which offered cash to the audience to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. The campaign was very well-received, and over a million users registered.

The company has also set aside 55 million baht to keep the relationship between Cool Fahrenheit 93 and the current audience, while reaching out to the new audience to attract them, using Lifestyle Engagement strategy through signature activities such as COOL Outing 10 Hall of Fun, a trip for the whole office to six AEC destinations, COOL Music Alive which is an exclusive concert for Cool Fahrenheit 93 fans, and Eat All Around Season 5 by ML Parson Svasti, who will take the audience to try great food in provinces around Bangkok throughout the year.

Recently, the station has organized COOL Music Fest – Love Actually “15 Years of Love", which will take music lovers to enjoy music at a special concert by the beach featuring Nuvo, Soul After Six, Lipta, Burin Boonvisut, ETC, Be Peerapat, and the fun duo Triumphs Kingdom. The special concert will take place on Saturday 9th Mat 2015 on Pranburi beach, Prachuab Kirikan province.

Although the advertising revenue was not very good in January, it is certainly looking up for the radio industry. In the second quarter of the year, it is certain that the competition in the radio industry will pick up, no less than the digital TV competition. Radio is still a wide-reaching media for the office workers, and the station aims to bag some 535 million baht revenue this year, a 20% growth from the previous year, thanks to the Soundation & Lifestyle Engagement strategies and the strength of the Cool Fahrenheit 93 brand, which has remained at number one for 15 consecutive years according to Nielsen  Media Research.