Rocking the industry!! Two giants "RS" joins "Bangkok Insurance" Launching marketing strategy - adding new model of insurance sale in Thailand

BackJul 19, 2018

Taking a leap on the business, “RS” has gone “Beyond the Limit” to succeed in frameless business game, announcing its next step to welcome new partners to sell a variety of “goods – services” through the Home Telesale via Call Center. Rocking the industry!! The company reveals the latest step of MPC business model by collaborating with “Bangkok Insurance” to create a new rocking dimension. Highlighting marketing strategy and new sale channel to shake the insurance business for the first time in Thailand, with confidence in overwhelming responses as it meets all aspects of requirement in the living.

LAT PHRAO – Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Public Company Limited, reveals that the company has succeeded in developing the platform “Channel 8 TV” into the “department store” by selling health and beauty products over the past three years. The success in creating Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) has helped establishing the business in the pattern of Direct to Consumer model via RS media platform, having the Call Center 1781 as the communication channel with consumers. The next step is to see the company continuously opens for new business alliances for products including health and beauty, home and lifestyle, ornamental items and new services that will answer to lifestyle of consumers in the 4.0 era who want the convenience, speed, time saving and confidence in product delivery. The system is secured with the money collection on delivery. This is in harmony with the frameless Beyond the Limit strategy that emphasizes on the fundamental strength of being a “media” owner and operating a “Call Center” system to generate sustainable revenue and growth in profit. RS has the advantage over competitors with outstanding and unique BIZ Model, which results in remarkable business performance at “all time high” record in the company’s history since the company was established 37 years ago.

RS has announced the latest step of MPC business model by joining with mega company, Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited (BKI) – the leader and expert in general insurance business. The two companies have entered into an agreement on business alliance with the signing of a memorandum of understanding in order to launch the most innovative marketing channel for insurance sale. RS believes that this cooperation will certainly thrive to the success because the insurance business, despite fierce competitions, still has strong demand as reflected by the overall insurance premiums of over 291.581 billion baht (source: overall 2017 premium recorded by the Office of Insurance Commission). Both companies are also specialized and successful in their own field of business. “RS” is the leader in the new modern trade through its MPC while owning a large number of customers’ data (Big Data), so the company can accurately and appropriately analyzes the data to select products and services as well as launches promotional campaigns that will meet the consumers’ demands. Therefore, consumers have the confidence in products, services and brands introduced by RS. The company expects that the introduction of this new product and service will assist consumers to make decision easier to buy the products.

Dr. Apisit Anantanatarat, President of Bangkok Insurance Plc, said the company delighted to form a new business alliance with RS Plc to expand the market and add another continuous sale channel to reach customers and respond to the variety of their demands by designing the insurance plan that match the lifestyle of customers in each group under the Lifestyle Insurance. The company, as the leader in insurance business, has the capacity offering a variety of insurance products for individual customers or large organizations and is equipped with modern technology to swiftly and conveniently serve customers. The company has also applied the CRM Opportunity, a customer data management system, to analyze customers’ demands and design insurance plans and premiums according to risks profile of each target group (Personalized Insurance). The system has been installed to serve customers under the Omni-Channel to ensure that customers will get the same service from all channels. Thus, the company is confident to increase the efficiency in business operation via the Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) and Direct to Consumer operated by the business partner who owns the media and the Call Center.