"RS" confident in its growth in Q4 "MPC-Channel 8" doing well in high season

BackNov 19, 2018

RS continues to go from strength to strength with steady profitablity. Surachai Chetchotisak reveals great profits in Q3, with 381 million baht of profits in just nine months of the year. The company is confident that it will continue to grow in Q4 as MPC business and Channel 8 are doing exceptionally well in the high season, while the upcoming election helps boost the economy well into 2019. RS is not affected by China’s slower economy. Channel 8’s rating is among the top in Thailand and attracts advertising agencies.

Ladprao - Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Public Company LImited, said that the company continues to grow strongly and enjoy steady profits. The company was profitable in Q3 of 2018, resulting in the company’s 9-month profit reaching 381 million baht and revenue reaching 2,762 million baht. For Q4/2018, the company is confident in the potential of the Multi-platform Commerce (MPC) business thanks to this being the high season of the year and the impending election stimulates spending in the country. This will help the business grow well into 2019. Meanwhile, the company is not negatively affected by external factors such as China’s slow economy and international trade, as the company’s main target is the domestic market. Its call center 1781 has a strong team of telesales who can close deals quickly and effectively, while Channel 8 enjoys top rating among Thailand’s TV channels, attracting advertising agencies.

Moreover, it uses four strategies to promote its MPC business. 1. Improve efficiency in the mangement of its customer database which has more than a million users and will increase to 1.5 million by the end of this year. 2. Developing new SKUs in skincare category under the Magique brand, haircare category under the Revive brand, and food supplement category under the S.O.M. brand. This December, two new products will be launched, targeting Mass 30++ customers, namely Magique Herblisse The Radiance Cream and Magique Herblisse The Renewal Serum, lightweight cream and serum formulated with Canadian maple extract to firm up the skin and reduce lines especially crow’s feet. There will be New Year Grand Sale campaign to stimulate sale. The campaign is expected to boost the sale significantly. 3. New business partners will help introduce new products in home and lifestyle category such as home appliances, household utensils, clothes and accessories to add diversity and increase business opportunities. Around the end of this year. womenswear brand from Japan HANA will be imported to Thailand and is expected to be well-received by female customers. 4. Developing new advantageous channels to increase customer base using the success of the 1781 call center channel to offer instant shopping, free delivery, cash on delivery option, and advertising through RS’s own channels such as Channel 8, satellite TV channels and COOL radio station which are superior to competitors and enjoy direct engagement to 15 million customers a day.

Channel 8 sees an increase in advertising revenue. As a successful channel with among the highest rating in the country, Channel 8 enjoys further growth as it attracts more viewers and is therefore able to increase its advertising rate. Earlier in November, it has introduced new premium contents, both local and foreign, including news programs, TV dramas, Indian series, boxing shows, and variety programs, true to its concept “In-depth content, intense flavors”. The channel is expanding its viewership base next year as well as try to attract more advertising in the first quarter of 2019, which is a good period for advertising. Additionally, it has set up a new team to visit viewers right at their homes with the concept of “everyone watches Channel 8 news”. The team will travel nationwide to meet viewers. Meanwhile, more than 10 popular Thai dramas and songs will sell their licenses in other countries in Asia such as China, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

COOL Fahrenheit, the all-time favorite radion station, is also growing well in Q4 despite the quiet radio media industry thanks to its continuous engagement with the audience. It is successful in its two major campaigns, namely COOLfahrenheit Outing Special : THE AURORA EXPLORER IN RUSSIA in which it takes a whole office to see aurora in Russia, and COOL degree Surprise Bonus 2018 in which the audience can collect points by listening to the station through COOLISM app and win bonus prizes worth up to 500,000 baht.