Super Mao *339 Campaign celebrates its success of hitting 3 million members offering irresistible promotion of Super Mao Gold Rush prize

BackJul 23, 2010

RS moves ahead its music business using key strategy of Fully Music Digital where the thriving campaign Super Mao*339 brings success and gain more members continuously. Throughout one year of launching, Super Mao*339 can get over 3 million members. It's expected to hit 4 million members next year. To celebrate the success, RS returns profit to members with irresistible promotion of gold prize. The "Super Mao Gold Rush" promotion will give away one baht weight of gold daily throughout three months long.

Siam Discovery - Mr. Paul Manusthavorn, director of RS Digital, RS Plc., said that as Thailand's leader of digital content business, RS earns constantly success in digital music. With key marketing strategy of Fully Digital Music, last year RS launched Super Mao*339 campaign. The campaign had unlocked the mobile business with unlimited music download via three of mobile network services.

Within a year of launching, the campaign gets a warm welcome from RS and R Siam audiences and makes over 3 millions members. Four millions members are definitely expected next year with absolute confident in our strengths of loyalty members plus music contents. With our creative marketing plan, we always get ready to increase more members, build up RS brand as well as make Super Mao campaign more popular. We believe music and digital businesses are still the company's rising stars for this year.

To celebrate the successful Super Mao*339 that makes over 3 millions members, RS Digital launches an appealing promotion, Super Mao Gold Rush. The promotion will give away one baht weight of gold everyday. Taking place from July 1 - September 30, all members of the campaign will get a chance to win lucky gold. What you have to do is register to Super Mao*339 and wait for daily lucky random which will run three months long throughout the promotion. Check it out whether you are lucky one through YOU channel, Sabaidee TV and www.pleng .com.

"The digital content market in Thailand is growing up with prosperous opportunity. Though there was political crisis last two months, it could not stop the growth. Thanks to advanced innovation and state-of-the-art communication technologies that help expand the market. Modern lifestyle is also the key factor. There is users enjoy download music every minute. With these factors plus our strong assets of both music content and loyalty consumers, we are confident to hit this year's target of increasing 4 million members," says Paul.

"Super Mao Gold Rush" offering one baht weight of gold everyday from July 1- September 30, 2010. With Super Mao, you will never be alone.