RS Plc has successfully achieved 300% of net profit in the last quarter of 2017, mainly driven by rising star "Health & Beauty" sector The company aggressively aims to hit 5.8 billion baht in revenue this year

BackFeb 22, 2018

Ladprao – Darm Nana, Chief Financial Officer, RS Public Company Limited, revealed that the latest revenue report of 914 million baht and 110 million baht in net profit of RS in the fourth quarter last year have outpaced overall of media industry performance, gradually growing 274% when compared to the same period of last year.

RS performed 3.502 billion baht in total revenue while generating 333 million baht in net profit last year, increasing 426%. The highlight was Health & Beauty business which surprisingly performed very well in both revenue and net profit, the sector generated 1.389 billion baht hitting a new high while surpassing the expectation and now the sector already accounted for 40% of total revenue of the company. 

Having been taking a leap growth of Health & Beauty business of RS, the sector is effectively supported by the group’s all-rounded media outlets comprising TV, Radio and Online channels and these made RS’s Health & Beauty business competitive in the industry. Moreover, the growing numbers of client base have been developing and synchronising with RS’s in-house media tools in a bid to create insights for making a marketing analysis to come up with the right advertising strategy for luring every clients. RS’s after-sale service advertising is also boosted up to meet clients’ satisfaction.

For media business, RS also performed strongly and sustainably with 1.704 billion baht or accounted for 49% of the total revenue despite media expenditure has been facing economic slowdown continually.

RS’s Channel8 takes the lead out of another media businesses, completing advanced advertising sales in long-tern period while expanding more advertising slots. The move was driven by putting right and various contents designed for every audiences during morning and evening prime-time periods led by Indian TV series such as Seeda Ram Seuk Rak Mahalongka and Hanuman Songkram Mahathep which are dubbed and subtitled to blend with Thais.

Recently, the channel’s Indian TV series contents have successfully been considered the best and the most popular contents among the competitors in the industry followed by news programmes such as Kui Kaow Chaow and sports programmes such as Muay Thai and international boxing matches.

RS aims its total revenue to hit 5.8 billion baht next year, an increase of 65% when compared over the same period of last year, which will be the highest projection of all time.

The revenue projection is firmly supported by the turning point of the company when It started to expand its Health & Beauty business to be more commercial by using company’s media outlets and resources, paving the way for successful operation.

Under the vision “Beyond the Limit”, RS is believed to eye more on upcoming interesting businesses about Health & Beauty sector. The company is also set to catch up with growing demands of healthcare and beauty businesses and will use this opportunity to balance the revenue performance.

This year, RS’s Health & Beauty and Commerce revenue are projected to surpass 3.5 billion baht thanks to new products presentation on TV commercial advertising while Home and Lifestyle Products have been also introduced to audiences since January and turned out very well. Special features and another tools will be seen on online channel more.

Recently, more than 10 lineups of Indian TV series will be introduced to audiences along this year and there will be many contents including news, sports and Thai soaps during both prime-time and non prime-time periods to be screened in a bid to reach 700,000 audiences per minute, paving the way for being digital TV leader in the future.