RS shares more appealing as the company embarks on roadshows in four countries before 2017 ends Highlighting health and beauty business to attract investors

BackOct 12, 2017

RS shares are now more appealing than before as leading brokers have invited the company to join roadshows in four countries - the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, starting this October 30. It is expected that foreign corporate investor ratio will increase. Health and beauty, as well as Channel 8, will be top magnets to draw investors. The company is confident that the future of its business is bright and strong. RS-W3 warrants will be released October 31.

Ladprao - Darm Nana, CFO of RS PLC, said that the company has successfully transformed its business model sustainably. Now, the company has been invited by top Thai and foreign asset companies to meet investors and talk to foreign corporate investors at "Frontier & Emerging Markets Conference" during October 30-31 in New York, USA, "Daiwa Investment Conference Hong Kong 2017" during November 7-8 in Hong Kong, and "Asean Stars of the Next Decade 2017" during November 21-22 in Singapore and Malaysia. The company is confident that it will be as well-received as it was in previous international roadshows.

Currently, corporate investors, both Thai and foreign, contribute to nearly 20% of total. It is expected after these roadshows, the percentage will increase and the share price will become more stable. This is a good sign which affirms the company's quality. Usually, these investors carefully analyze the company's info before making a decision.

The main magnets will which be presented to investors are its two fast-growing businesses. The first is the health and beauty business, as Life Star is the company's top earner. The company has expanded the business to include Shop 1781 which has more than 500,000 customers and counting, thanks to the growth of Channel 8 audience. It has also been well-received by new business partners who are interested in marketing their health and beauty products through the company's teleshopping platform, and negotiation is underway.

Meanwhile, Channel 8 is its flagship business. There is a plan for a major makeover for Channel 8 this November to strengthen the brand. Currently, its prime time rating is a million per minute, a 40% rise from the same period last year, in which the rating was 700,000 per minute. More business partners have decided to sign a long-term advertising contract. However, it is expected that by the end of the year, Channel 8's rating will be 500,000 per minute. The health and beauty business is expected to grow significantly, generating 1.2 billion baht, or a 600% growth from last year. The revenue for 2017 will meet the target of 3.5 billion baht.

Additionally, warrant conversion of RS-W3 into RS shares take place from October 31.The RS-W3 warrants were sold to existing shareholders at a maximum of 193,332,870 unit. The exercise price is 12.50 baht per share at the ratio of five existing ordinary shares to one warrant unit for free. The warrants have three-year maturity. Last exercise date is May 23, 2020. The issuance of the warrants has raised 2.4 billion baht. Additionally, the company's significant growth has resulted in the company's financial status being further strengthened. The capital raised will be used to reduce its loans and used as the company's working capital in two main areas - the improvement of Channel 8's infrastructure and content production following its plan, and market expansion in the health and beauty industry, which is on the rise. It will utilize a call center system and maximized its customer database for more marketing precision. Its stocking and logistic system will also be improved.