Additional Information about the Capital Reduction

BackDec 22, 2009

21 December 2009

Subject: Additional information for the capital reduction of RS Public Company Limited

To: The President The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Copy to : Secretary-General The Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Refer to: Resolution of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 5/2009 dated December 18, 2009

As the Board of Directors Meeting of RS Public Company Limited (the "Company") No. 5/2009 held on 18 December 2009, has passed the resolutions to propose the Shareholders' Meeting to be held on 12 February 2010 for the approval of the Company's capital reduction of 50,000,000 shares, which will reduce the registered capital from Baht 875,000,000 to Baht 825,000,000 and the total paid-up capital from Baht 700,000,000 to Baht 650,000,000 at the par value of Baht 1 per share, the Company would like to provide additional information as follows:

  1. Number of shares of the Company's shareholders will be reduced from 1 share to 0.9285714286 share.
  2. After calculating total shares held by each shareholder, if there is a fraction of 0.5 share or above, it will be rounded up to 1 share. If the fraction is less than 0.5 share, it will be discarded. The total number of shares from the capital reduction are 50 million shares.

Please be informed accordingly.

Yours faithfully,


(Mr. Darm Nana)
Senior Executive Vice President


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