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"RS" plans to boost its health and beauty business to have a leapfrog growth and extend its new Lifestar BIZ line to recruit Lifestar business owners nationwide.

BackJan 15, 2018

RS will continue to use the “Beyond the Limit” concept to complement the success of Lifestar business, which saw its sales rise more than 600% last year. Lifestar expects to create a new phenomenon in the health and beauty business by introducing Lifestar BIZ direct sale unit and recruiting Lifestar business owners to join the team.The company targets to have 10,000 people applying for its Lifestar business owners in the first year. This will eventually drive the revenue contribution from health and beauty business to reach 2.5 billion baht by the end of 2018, up 80% from last year. The sharp rise of health and beauty revenue will make RS’ total revenue to achieve the 5.3 billion baht projection in 2018.

Lat Phrao-Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Public Company Limited, said the company is going to open Lifestar BIZ business after having a big success of Lifestar health and beauty business, which have been a champion among new beauty companies with the highest sales growth for 3 years.Currently, the health and beauty business has a bright future as Thai people pay more attention on their health and beauty. Moreover, the Thai economy has some signs of recovery and consumer demand will grow. Lifestar BIZ will recruit sales people to sell Lifestar products under the concept of “easy to sell via finger tips” and there are incentives and privileges for buyers such as shop more, get more discount up to 70% or get gold after making a purchase and join a lucky draw to win around-the-world trips.

The company has three channels to recruit business owners including Call Center 1214, website:, and Lifestar BIZ application, which can accommodate both Andriod and iOS systems. The app allows shoppers to buy products 24 hours from E-Catalog, which updates hit products and new promotions. Purchase forms can be done via the app as the one-stop service center. During the inauguration, those who apply for Lifestar BIZ business owners will pay registration fee only 900 baht and get two sets of S.O.M. C-max instant coffee with a mixture of Cordyceps (Chong Cao) worth 1,198 baht for free.

RS has its readiness to support sales activities and promotions for Lifestar BIZ business owners to help them achieve sales targets. It has products to answer the health and beauty trends and its manufacturing technology is modern and have international standards by joining hands with leading research centers. For advertising, RS owns media such as Channel 8, one of top digital TV channels in Thailand, four satellite TV channels and No.1 radio station, so it can promote products to widely reach target consumers nationwide.

Its Call Center 1214 can provide business advice 24 hours while the website and app can connect with customers, allowing them to buy products easily. Beside, new products are in the pipelines for the whole year and among them are S.O.M. Me More, S.O.M. Goldivas, S.O.M. Lingzhi Sun, S.O.M. C-max and Slix. This year, RS expects its health and beauty business will generate 2.5 billion baht revenue, growing 80% from last year, and this will drive the company’s total revenue to reach 5.3 billion baht.

Moreover, RS has 700,000 customers so far and is expected to reach 1.5 million by the end of this year, mostly 80% being in major provinces and 20% in Bangkok. The company will promote its new products to suit lifestyle and preference of each customer.

RS has plans to develop its payment system via Linepay for those who buy products @shop1781 on Lineshop. It will continue to develop the other sales channels such as and Call Center 1781, which have been strong among customers for years. Modern trade is in its interest as well as RS will distribute its beauty products via modern trade channels such as beauty stores.

The company has prepared itself to add 30 new products from skincare, hair loss to food supplement from 40 product items currently. In the first quarter, three products for S.O.M. (SOM Lingzhi Sun, SOM Me More and SOM Goldivas) will be launched and the budget will go to out of home media. RS is eyeing potential to sell its products in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam as this can be a big boost to monthly sales.