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Channel 8 unveils new strategy for year end Introducing new drama time to expand prime time

BackSep 20, 2016


Channel 8 points out that the digital TV industry has not settled, and in three years things will become clearer. It launches a new strategy for the year end, highlighting its brand essence “Spicy and Colorful”,using dramas as its main attraction. It is launching a new prime time for dramas at 6.20pm. For September, Korean and Chinese series, news, variety shows and live boxing matches are rolled out to attract urban viewers in order to push its rating.

Ladprao–Pornpan Techarungchaikul, COO of RS Public Company Limited, operator of Channel 8, said that although digital TV is embarking on its third year, it has not settled yet. The business must be evaluated in the long run, like a marathon, and now the competitors are not close to the finish line, so it cannot be judged yet. Many channels are just beginning to go full-scale, and it will take about three years to see who will thrive. The time when all DigitalTV licence fees are fully paid. . In this business, it’s all about having good content to attract viewers to stay with the channel longer. She is confident that the competition will be more intense next year.

Channel 8 proceeds with care. It keeps moving forward while remaining true to its brand essence – “Spicy and Colorful”. There are four core content areas namely drama, news, variety shows, and sport, at 40%, 25%, 25% and 10% respectively. New content will be added continuously to expand its viewership base in major cities.

On September 19, it has launched two new contents to expand its prime time period during Monday-Thursday, starting with Krathin Rim Rua starring Tle Thanapol who joins Channel 8 for the first time in this drama. The early prime time is scheduled at 6.20pm, followed by a new variety program Dream Song at 7.05pm, featuring Tak Mayura and Kai Samaphol as the hosts. In this show, those who want to be singers can achieve their dreams. The new early prime time will attract family viewers and expand its viewership base to expand its rating. Korean and Chinese series will also be added in prime time period in The 8pisode at 10pm from Monday to Friday to attract office workers. They include Let's Fight Ghost, Moonlight Drawn by Cloud, Drinking Solo, Legendary Warrior, and Son of Heaven.

Channel 8 will continue to secure its sports fans as consumer research reveals that football and boxing are the most popular sports. However, Thai people prefer foreign contents, which are quite expensive and commonly aired on pay TV. Therefore, Channel 8 sees a potential in boxing content, which is widely popular in Thailand and has a clear fan base. This type of content can sell well regardless of ratings, although good ratings add value to the program. The highlights of Channel 8 are 8 Max Muay Thai which is the number one boxing program, The Champion Muay Thai Tad Chuek, and Muay Thai Battle Suek Chon Khai, which are also popular. New sport contents will be added to the prime time period soon.

For news, the channel is currently ranked third in Thailand. It has expanded its news programs to cover four periods throughout the day, Khui Khao Chao, Khao Den Thiang, Khui Khao Yen, and Khao Den Rob Wan. More news people are brought in to ensure that the news covers every area. Earlier in August, it has added a new news variety show Sadud Khao Ded at 10pm on Saturday. It has been well-received and helps improve its news ratings.

“We have been adjusting our programs since the launch of our new logo to keep in line with our slogan. Although our ranking is not the best right now, I believe it will improve in the long run, as the feedback has been increasingly positive, as seen in our rating. Currently, we have contents for every viewer group, and our contents are strong. Our every program has its own fan base,” she said.

However, she is certain that the program rescheduling will be successful and help improve the channel’s rating to exceed an average viewership per minute of 400,000, from currently 350,000. Advertising rate is at 30,000 baht per minute on average, a two-fold growth from last year. The highest rate is at 250,000-300,000 baht per minute during evening dramas, 8 Max Muay Thai, and The Champion Muay Thai Tad Chuek. The channel is positive that it will exceed its target of 2 billion baht.