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RS profits beyond expectation Announcing dividend and treasury stock

BackFeb 25, 2016

RS announces its financial status in 2015 was healthy despite the market, bagging 3.728 billion baht revenue and 121 million baht net profit, thus announcing dividend payment of 10 satang per share and treasury stock purchase starting February 25 as its share price is too low

Darm Nana, Chief Financial Officer of RS Public Company Limited, revealed that in 2015, the company made 121 million baht in net profit from its 3.728 billion baht revenue, reflecting its strong financial status. It is preparing to repurchase its stocks as earlier announced to the SET. There is good news for its shareholders as the board has approved the dividend payment of 10 satang per share, to be presented in the annual shareholder meeting on April 27 for approval.

In 2015, its media business made 2.246 billion baht, a 33% decrease. If discounting the live broadcast of World Cup 2014, its TV business grew by 12%, with Channel 8 and Channel 2 as its main earners thanks to popular contents and high ratings according to plan. Channel 8, in particular, is at number 4 in terms of rating nationwide, and grew by 87% compared to the beginning of last year. Partially, the growth is thanks to the month adjustment of programmesto ensure quality and diversity. Its sports contents were extremely successful such as 8 Max Muay Thai, The Champion Muay Thai Tuh Chuek, Channel 8 HBO Boxing, and UFC Octagon Fihjt. Its news contents are also easy to understand, while its variety shows and TV series are diverse.

Channel 2 has developed its content under the concept Channel 2 Full Entertainment, increasing its entertainment news ratio to 40% to offer the latest updates in both local and international entertainment scenes. There are also highlight variety programmes such as Jud Dued and Perd Pong, as well as in-depth entertainment news programmes. At the end of the year, RS's popular TV dramas were rerun to attract more viewers.

As for its music and concert business, the company made 1.171 billion baht, thanks to music streaming, YouTube, concerts and events. There were activities throughout the year such as Sabaidee On Tour Year 6, Channel 8 Meets Friends, Beauty Now & Next, and Travel Thailand, Tour the World. Additionally, there were also major concerts like Miracle of Thoughts D2B Encore Concert 2015, which was tremendously successful.

From its performance and financial status, coupled with its low stock price, the company is planning for treasury stock from February 25 to August 24, 2016, as announced to the SET earlier this year. RS also has good news for its shareholders, as its board has approved the dividend payment of 10 satang per share. The resolution is yet to be approved in the general shareholder meeting on April 27, 2016.

"In 2016, we will focus on strengthening our solid media business. We will use the media outlets we already have to earn more money in other ways. However, we will also focus on developing our contents, such as dramas and programmes for Channel 8 and Channel 2, as well as programmes for Cool Fahrenheit 93radio station. We have ceased our non-performing businesses, so this year will be a year in which RS enjoys tangible success in terms of popularity and profitability," said Darm.