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4G drives growth for Cool Fahrenheit radio station, remaining #1 in Thailand

BackFeb 02, 2016

Cool Fahrenheit 93 under RS, the leader of radio business in Thailand, confirms that the number of listeners is not dropping, but they change the way they listen to music to online thanks to advanced technology. Radio is the best way to access working people. The station is implementing “Hybrid 16 Wows” strategy, investing 20 million baht to increase bandwidth for doubled downloads in line with the 4G trend. For marketing, 70 million baht has been set aside for events throughout the year. The station is confident it will remain at the top just like the past 16 years, and to make 510 million baht or a 12% growth from last year.

Ladprao – Mr.Suthee Chatrattanakul, managing director of Coolism, which manages Cool Fahren-heit 93, said that the radio industry still has room for growth in the long run. With the emergence of 4G, the consumers have an easy access to online music. More importantly, their music listening expe-rience is more stable now thanks to technology. Radio stations can expand their audience base na-tionwide. Formerly, FM stations could only reach people in Bangkok and surrounding provinces. This year, it is expected that advertising spending in the radio industry will grow at the same rate as last year, which is 1-2%. In the future, however, if multiscreen rating measurement could be tangibly im-plemented, advertisers and agencies would invest more in radio, because it can reach working peo-ple anywhere, anytime.

Last year, Cool Fahrenheit 93 grew despite the industry’s overall downturn. Its rating continued to in-crease both on air and online, thanks to its strong brand and regular on ground activities. This year, which marks its 16th year, the station will continue to organize activities to expand its audience base and to remain at number one in the radio industry. It has repositioned itself as a music station which can be enjoyed from various channels. It will also introduce Hybrid 16 Wows strategy to expand its online audience base, which still has room for growth, to reach 4 million persons a month, from cur-rently 2.6 million, or nearly a 50% increase. This will help strengthen its existing fan base in the on air side, which is estimated at 1.5 million listeners a month. In total, the station will have 5 million listeners a month nationwide, and the income is expected to reach 510 million baht, or a 12% increase from last year.

The Hybrid 16 Wows strategy includes 6 Speed Power Boosters namely 1.The Most Powerful Hybrid Soundation or the combination of online and on air advertising deals for the clients to maximize their spending 2.COOLISM Application HD Plus to be the first and only station to offer an app with HD+ clarity 3.COOL Degree to allow online listeners to accumulate points and redeem rewards or join campaigns as appointed 4. Ink Eat All Around Application for those who love dining 5.COOLISM Sale kit Application, the first and only app in Thailand to allow clients to buy advertising on mobile applica-tion for more convenience and 24-hour control over media planning 6.COOL Latitude to offer a unique travel content to stimulate listeners and clients to buy exclusive trips.

There are 10 main events throughout the year such as COOL Outing Special 7 - Awesome Gifu which will take 50 office people to Gifu, Japan, Ink Eat All Around “Fly to Eat and Back” trip led by ML “Ink” Parson Svasti who will take you on an eating trip throughout the country, COOL Music Alive free concert with 1,000 seats, to take place every two months, debuting with a concert by Jo Kong, COOL Music Fest - Once Upon a Teen free concert in a music festival atmosphere in April by the beach, joined by former teen idols such as Raptor, Lift-Oil, Boyscout, Tao Somchai, and more.

This year, the investment budget is set at 20 million baht, to be spent on the development and expan-sion of application and to increase bandwidth to cater to an increase of listeners on digital platforms such as smartphone, PC, and desktop. At present, the bandwidth can cater to a maximum of 2.6 mil-lion listeners a month, which is twice more than analog listeners. For marketing, 70 million baht has been prepared to strengthen the bond between Cool Fahrenheit 93 and its fans through signature activities such as COOL Outing, and Ink Eat All Around by ML “Ink” Parson Svasti who will take you on an eating trip throughout the country all year round.