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RS happy as Channel 8 closes 50% of its sale in advance, with an aim to bag 4.5 billion baht this year

BackJan 14, 2016

RS kicks off the Year of the Monkey with a bang as Channel 8 closes 50% of its sale in advance. It is confident that it is on the right path in using the company’s strength as a full scale entertainment company, synergizing every sector together to create an advantage. The company aims to become the strongest and best leader of the television industry of Thailand with an annual income exceeding 4.5 billion baht this year.

Ladprao–Mr.Surachai Chetchotisak, Chief Executive Officer of RS Public Company Limited, sees that the government’s policies and measures to stimulate the economy and spending encourage a better cash flow in the country. Thus, he is confident that businesses will spend more on advertising this year, especially the communication industry, which will see an increase in advertising budget to promote the 4G services. Television will continue to be the main media with the widest outreach and the highest value for money for advertisers. However, although TV has the biggest market share, competition continues to be fierce. Most of the advertising budget will cluster among the top five channels with the best rating, while there will be some spending in channels with a clear positioning.

Channel 8 has the fourth best rating in the country, and has closed more than 50% of its sale in advance from the set goal of 2 billion baht. The number is highly satisfactory, and the average price is 30,000 baht per minute, an increase from last year’s 20,000 baht per minute. The period with the highest advertising price is during dramas and popular shows like 8 Max Muay Thai and Muay Thai Kadchuek, with an average of 250,000-300,000 baht per minute. Currently, these two shows are the boxing shows with the highest rating in Thailand, and the price goes up every three months based on ratings. The company is confident that the other 50% will close according to plan.

Supporting factors that helped Channel 8 close its sale early include the strength of the company as a full scale entertainment company synergizing various sectors to complement each other. Another factor is the appealing contents such as dramas, variety shows, sports, and news. The schedule has been arranged to meet the lifestyle of its viewers, so the channel is able to secure a wide fan base in Bangkok and other provinces.

As for its strategy, this year the company is focusing on becoming the strongest and best leader of the TV industry in Thailand. The revenue goal for this year is 4.5 billion baht, or a 27% growth compared to last year. About 65% of the revenue will come from its media business – 70% from Channel 8, 20% from Cool 93 radio station, and 10% from Channel 2 and Sabaidee TV, and 35% from music, event, and other businesses. The net profit is expected to be 10%.

This year, the company has prepared to invest 2 billion baht in content, with Channel 8 taking the biggest piece of the pie since it is positioned as the main earner. In 2015, the channel saw its rating double, and it is expected that the rating will reach 7-800,000 viewers per minute by the end of this year, a significant increase from the current rate of 350,000 viewers per minute. Channel 8 will receive a billion baht investment for its 30 new dramas to air seven days a week. At present, Channel 8 has a strong drama producing team to cater to every group of viewers, thanks to the structure and exclusive contracts with Dee Wan Dee Kuen Company Limited by May Feungarom and Kanchai Kamnerdploy and Kiatrapee Company Limited by Isariya Saisanan. One major drama will be produced every quarter, such as La Dub Tawan, Chaloey Suek, and Rabam Fai.

Eight hundred million baht will go towards production of variety shows, sports programmes, and news, while 200 million will be spent on upgrading IT systems and public relations to create awareness for Channel 8 at number 27 starting January 1, 2016. Billboards have been placed at popular places in Bangkok and other provinces, as well as major routes to 400 important destinations. From March 1 onward, there will be billboards on expressways, LED displays on public buses, LED displays at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Morchit Terminal, Hua Lamphong Station, and TV commercials at department stores.

Channel 2 will produce more content to follow its concept “Channel 2 Full Entertainment”. More than 60 people have been invited to join the entertainment news team, following the latest update to offer the freshest and deepest news. Popular dramas by RS will be aired three times a day at 6.30am, 11.30am and 6.30pm.

Its music industry will continue to cater to all ages and preferences – lukthung, morlam, country, pop, and dance, with artists such as Film Rattapoom Tokongsup, Parn Thanaporn Waekprayoon, Black Vanilla, Ake Surachet, Ko Nipon, Kamikaze Next, Baitoey Rsiam, Kartae Rsiam, Ja Rsiam, Jintara Poonlap Rsiam, Baowee Rsiam, Luangkai Rsiam, Kung Suthirat Rsiam, and Samosorn Chimi. There are four major houses including Kamikaze, Yes Music, Garden, and Rsiam. Although the music industry is changing, new artists are constantly supported to release various songs to meet the needs of the fans. This year, more than 100 singles and 30 drama soundtracks will be released. The fans can have access to these songs via social media platforms such as YouTube channels rsfriends, welovekamikaze, and rsiammusic. There will be new surprises in the form of new music videos and events such as The Rsiam Year 2 and Sab Lai Sabaidee.

Cool 93 Fahrenheit radio station is growing despite the industry, and the rating continues to increase steadily both on air and online, thanks to the brand’s strength and on ground activities. This year, there will be a steady stream of activities to expand its fan base to help the station remain the most popular radio station.