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RS PCL has four main businesses which are Media Business, Music Distribution Business, Event Management Business and Health and Beauty Business.

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  • TV

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  • Music Distribution Business

  • Event Management Business

  • Health and Beauty Business


RS PCL operates one Digital TV under “Channel 8” and three satellite TV channels i.e. Sabaidee TV, Channel 2 and YOU Channel which have different concepts and target groups as follows:

Channel 8

Channel 8 is operated under the concept of “Intense Story, Full Emotion” which presents its works to serve demands for all age and gender groups of audiences by producing and creating all forms of entertainments and variety of programs with its strength during the super prime time period for new television drama e.g. “Bap Bappakan”, “Buang Rak Salak Kaen” and “Mae Nak”.

Moreover, there are many various programs such as the news program “ Kuikhao Chong 8”, the entertainment programs “Bunthoeng 108”, the talk-show program “Pakpong”, the talent show program “Saengsawan Pichitflan”, the sport program “8 Maxx Muay Thai”, “Muay Thai Battle” and “The Champion” along with Foreign Drama Series e.g. Korean and Chinese Series. These programs have gained attentions from audiences and advertising agencies within a short time.

Channel 8 is broadcasted via Digital TV No.27 and Satellite TV No.27 nationwide.

Sabaidee TV

Sabaidee TV channel focuses on the target group with appreciation of Thai songs not only limited to country music but also included songs for life, hit songs in the past, rare-to-hear old songs, string music, including underground music market where a music maker is given an opportunity to promote their work, under the slogan “various Thai style music, Happy watching for the whole family”.

The strengths of Sabaidee TV channel of which its contents are produced and managed under R Siam record label is capitalized on to present a wide variety of programs, both in depth and in width, by drawing and utilizing the full potential of artists in our care along with the selection of an emcee with unique identity, well remembered and liked by people of many different groups. All of the aforesaid characteristics make Sabaidee TV a channel of pleasure people can watch all day where people can communicate all the time via SMS which will be shown on TV screen.

Channel 2

Channel 2, the no. 1 variety entertainment channel of Thailand that comes with spectacular entertainment full of flavors, characters, artists, entertainment, and variety programs. The quality contents are presented to group of all gender, and ages nationwide from 15-49 years who adore spicy entertainment taste from leading artists all over Thailand. These come with closely follow up on heated movements of artists who are under monitoring from all media. Promoting media that cover targeted audience group and including supports from all allies who give good response. Channel 2 is also introducing Channel 8’s successful Thai drama to be aired during the day.

YOU Channel

YOU Channel is the channel with concept of “Thai music channel for all Thai people” consisting of programs from live programs with variety of flavors and variety show programs that cannot be missed. This is to serve all gender and age group of audiences and listeners who love listening to music with main target aiming at audiences between 15-24 years, and the secondary target between 25-45 years. Presentation is in the forms of music video or concert of various artists, entertainment in various forms, generating popularity trend by inserting creative content, material to the target groups and acting as another channel in search for new artists.

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The company produces content for radio business under brand “COOLISM” broadcasts for Cool Fahrenheit 93. Our listeners range from university students and working groups up to the executives. Today, Cool Fahrenheit 93’s rating is undoubtedly in the number 1 of the easy listening radio groups in Thailand. In addition, COOLISM provided International Music Station named “COOL Celsius 91.5” on March 1, 2013. COOL Celsius 91.5 is aimed at working people aged 20-34 with strong purchasing power and a taste for International Music.

COOL Fahrenheit 93 The station offers hit music that are popular among the listeners. It was the first of its kind that offers "50 Minutes Music Long Play". The station caters to the needs, life styles and visions of the working generations with regular activities. Undoubtedly, Cool Fahrenheit 93 rapidly gains popularity and grew into the number 1 hits music station.

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Music Distribution Business

Music business for RS comes as a total package, starting from ideas and creations, marketing, distributions and intellectual property managements (managed by a company called Thai Copyright Collection Co., Ltd) of both Thai pop and Thai country music.

The work system of RS is currently remodeled into 3 parts :

Mass Group

employing target singers/artists to cover a large number of music listeners in the large segment (mass market), is operated under "RS Music" brand, consisting of popular singers/artists such as Pan Tanaporn, Film-Rattapoom, Girly Berry, Prickthai, Black Vanilla, I-Nam, Laoloam, C-quint, Jack, Infamous, Artfloor, Dr.Fuu, View, Min, Fai Amfine, Preen, Jasmine, Karamail, P.O.I, etc.

Teen Community Group

Teen Community Group, is operated under "Kamikaze" brand, represents a trendy music that comes with difference and unique identity that is unlike anyone in Thai music industry. Target singers/artists are pre-teens, both boys and girls, aged 9-17, from primary to high school students, with a distinctive lifestyle, talent and character, who can be a trendsetter to teenagers in the society under the concept "KIDS STRIKE", consisting of famous singers/artists like Four-Mod, Fay Fang Kaew, K-OTIC, Kanomjeen, Mila, Waii, Neko Jump, 3.2.1, X.I.S, Kiss Me Five, Time Thai, Square Circle, etc.

Modern Local Country Group

Modern Local Country Group or new-style country is operated under "R-Siam" brand. This sub-record label has created a diversity of Thai country songs to cover the needs of listeners across the country, for example, "Isan" or northeastern country, central country, country for life, and "Mor Lam" country groove from Isan, sung by the Group’s famous singers/artists such as Blueberry, Baiteoy, Kratae, Kratai, Looktarn, Ponglang-sa-on, Baowee, Biew-Galayanee, Ying Thitikan, Kung-Sutthirat, Luang Kai, JintaraPoonlaap, etc.

Each of our recording labels is capable of creating quality music. Our high potential individuals are responsible for all tasks. Namely, the producers, creatives, song writers, score writers and sound arrangements have gain expertise and experiences in their fields for a very long time, thus able to deliver all kinds of different music. Once we launched albums, our distribution team will be in charge of distributing them through each of our channels to audiences nationwide.

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Event Management business

The event management operations contribute revenue from four main business groups: concert organizing; events organizing; government project and artist management.

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Health and Beauty business

“LifeStar”, a subsidiary of RS PCL, is investing to launch Health and Beauty business with four main brands “Magique, Gravitas, Revive and Noble White”, sawing the potential in the business which has been continually growing every year. Starting with sale volume through RS’s TV channels, the products have also been distributed via modern trade and multi-brand traditional trade in upcountry with more than 20 items.

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