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RS PCL has four main businesses which are Media Business, Music Distribution Business, Event Management Business and Health and Beauty Business.

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    RS media business consists of two major media channels i.e. TV, and Radio.

  • TV Media Business

  • Radio Business

  • Health and Beauty Business

  • Music Business

  • Event Business

TV Media Business

RS Public Company Limited operates digital television Channel 8 and three satellite television channels, including Channel 2, Sabaidee TV and YOU Channel that have distinctive formats, concepts and target viewers, as follows:

Channel 8

Television station "Channel 8" launched a new logo under the concept of “Intense Story, Full Emotion”, which aims to meet the needs of the majority of the country’s TV viewers as well as expand the urban viewership. This is achieved via producing and creating a comprehensive, dynamic entertainment experience, and applying the concept into free TV that reaches people of various ages and genders. This includes programming that draws audiences such as a new, first run drama series; in 2016, Channel 8 launched eight such series, including “Sapai Rot Saeb”, “Pi Leang”, “Monrak A-Soon”, “Baap Ban Pa Gan”, “La Dap Tawan”, “Buang Rak Sa-lak Kaen”, “Mae Nak” and “Kratin Rimrua”. In addition, there were other diverse programs such as sports programs “8 Max Muay Thai”, “The Champion Muay Thai Dat Cheurk” including global boxing events, of which licenses for the live broadcasts were procured. These included “HBO Boxing”, “Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)”. In 2016, the excitement was amplified with the addition of a Friday boxing show during prime time such as “Muay Thai Battle”, followed by “Muay Mun Super Max”, including news presented in a simple, easy to understand format akin to the morning news program that has been on air in the country for the longest time. The channel was ranked first in popularity among new digital TV operators and number three nationwide. Within a single program, “Kui Kao Chong 8” (morning news), followed by “Kao Den Chong 8”, “Kui Kao Yen Chong 8” and “Kao Den Rob Wan Chong 8” and more news programs “Sadut Kao Det”, offered light-hearted news from local and overseas contents, and “Pak Tong Dong Ru” economic news, spotlights on the plight of various communities, menu highlights, and features of hit travel destinations. Moreover, “Channel 8” increased the richness of its variety shows such as ”Banterng108”, “Pak Poang”, “Siang Sawan Pichit Lan”, “Krua Lantung”, “Supta Talat Taek”, “Ueng Thueng Sieow Kamlang Song”, “The Guest Tee Sanit Khon Dang”, “Smile Ranger Kabuan-gan Ap Yim” and “English...Sakid Tom Ha”, including the broadcasting of popular foreign series from Korea and China throughout the 24 hours of programming. These programs all helped “Channel 8” to earn the top ratings in the country, from a survey conducted by AGB Nielsen Media Research (Thailand) in December 2016.

Channel 2

Television station “Channel 2” under the concept "Hot Variety, Drama Hits” presented the ultimate variety show line up, drama series that were highly popular on “Channel 8”, and foreign series – all selected and presented in “Channel 2” style. The aim was to retain the viewership base, which prefers a diverse range of entertainment. This also included media coverage in order to promote the channel and better reach the target audience as well as support the many industry partners.

Sabaidee TV

“Sabaidee TV” channel targets Thai music lovers in a variety of genres. Not just limited to country music, there is also music for life, string music, hits from the past, and rare music from the past. The channel operates under the slogan "Thailand’s number one hit music channel”, and “Sabaidee TV” oversees the production and management of content itself under the label of RSiam. The strength lies in the presentation of a wide variety of programs, both in depth and coverage, which allows the channel to fully realize the potential of each artist. Coupled with the selection of distinctive hosts who are memorable and appealing to a diverse group of people, “Sabaidee TV” has become a channel that viewers can watch and enjoy in leisure throughout the day, and communicate with each other via mobile text messages (sms) and screen display at any time.

YOU Channel

“YOU Channel” comes with the concept of “Channel of Thai music for all Thai”, meeting the needs of viewers and listeners of all genders and ages who love music. The channel offers content in the form of music videos or concerts featuring diverse artists, to create trends and provide a platform for the promotion of artists in the RS network.

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Radio Business

The Company operates through the system frequency of F.M. 93.0 MHz under the brand of COOLfahrenheit 93, with the following details:

Radio Station

COOLfahrenheit 93


Navy Radio Station

On Air Date and Time

24 hours

Signal Coverage

Bangkok and vicinity

Program Concept

50 Minutes Music Freeze Your Mind

Target Audience

Students and working people
aged 20 - 44 years old

Radio Station: COOLfahrenheit 93 (F.M. 93.0 MHz)

COOLfahrenheit 93 operates under the Company’s policies as a fully commercial radio station, by continuing to focus on maintaining the popularity of the station and expanding to a wider audience through platform radio online. Currently, COOLfahrenheit 93 retains a clear listener base and maintains its popularity; it has been able to steadily occupy a top ranking in terms of popularity over the decades from surveys by AGB Nielsen Media Research (Thailand). This has helped the Company to gain the trust of advertising company customers and product owner customers who continue to use the Company’s media platforms.

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Health and Beauty business

RS operates its health and beauty business through Life Star Co., Ltd., with products covering skin care under “Magique” brand, hair care under the “Revive” brand, and food supplements under “S.O.M”. The products are inspired by global innovation and research institutes both at home and abroad. More than 20 products are offered and advertised through media channels of RS, including Channel 8, Channel 2 and Sabaidee TV. RS believes in leveraging its existing media channels. The Company has further expanded its distribution channels to modern retailers nationwide.

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Music Business

The music business of RS operates in an integrated manner and covers every step of the operations, encompassing the selection of artists, music production, music promotion, strategic media planning and marketing, artist management, and managing music content. Both the artists and the music go through the online platform, such as streaming and downloads, and offline platform, such as television.

The music business derives revenue from three main sources:

  1. Revenue from showbiz and events of the artist in the network is under the strategy to monetize the artist’s capacity and maintain a visible profile throughout the year; it also boosts the image of the artist as a brand ambassador or presenter product for various products.
  2. Revenue from sales of music in different formats via digital content, whether downloading music; downloading ringtones; buying music for mobile ring back tones; downloading full songs through other channels, such as iTunes or through a network of mobile (WAP) music formats; online music streaming through various platforms such JOOX and Apple Music; listening to music and watching music videos online via YouTube, Line TV.
  3. Revenue from royalties collected by a Thai music copyright collection company in the name of TCC(Thai Copyright collection CO., LTD.), a subsidiary that serves to store the Company’s copyrighted works used in a commercial capacity.
Artist/Singer in the Portfolio

At present, the Company has Thai pop singers and Thai country music singers which include solo artists and groups. They can offer a wide range of music, covering all target groups across the country. Examples of RS artists include Baitoey RSiam, Ja RSiam, Kratae RSiam, Ble Patumrach RSiam, Flame Band, Klerm Band, Eak Surachet, Black Jack, BowVee, Jintara Poonlarp, Beatle, Samosorn Chimi Group, etc.

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Event Business

The revenue from event business comes from organization’s concerts and events.

The organization’s concerts and events

Shows and events are another business that rapidly grows in Thailand because products, services and advertising agencies have turned to allocate more budgets for below-the-line activities.

RS is specialized in organizing concerts and events to fulfill marketing plans of agencies, for the promotion of products and services, that have turned to invest in non-media or below-the-line activities in forms of shows and events, and a series of plans for the organization of entertainment activities that can obtain long-term positive effects on business will be presented.

The business of organizing concerts and events in Thailand can be divided into three main groups as follows:

  1. Presentation and event organizers providing services on the organization of general events to promote products and services for customers.
  2. Local event promoters providing services on the organization and marketing of stage performances, shows and concerts with their own investments and/or in cooperation with other local companies.
  3. International event promoters providing services on the organization of shows and concerts as well as on the formulation of marketing plans thereof, with their own investments and/or in cooperation with other companies, by selecting live performance products for marketing in the country.

The competition for the organization of concerts and events in Thailand is rather high because there is a large number of enterprises at all scales including small, medium and large scale. However, on the plus side, this business has a high prospect because most marketing plans for product promotion set aside more budgets every year for below-the-line activities.

Being a large media company gives RS an advantage over others in the organization of concerts and events, that is because we have lots of artists under our care and we run integrated media business of all kinds such as TV, radio and other media channel. These qualities can give assurance that concerts and events organized by the Company can fulfill customer needs.

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