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Message from chairman

Message from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

“Do not cling to past successes and understand that there is no fixed formula for business success. The important thing is to learn and understand various events of the past, looking for strengths and eliminating weaknesses, and adapting oneself to be aligned with the changing times, to have sharp vision and the ability to better anticipate the future. Combine this with intuition, survival instincts, a winning spirit, and a positive attitude. Readily dedicate oneself to overcoming all obstacles. That would all constitute the power that fuels success, without too much difficulty.” This year serves as another challenging one for RS, faced by technology and innovations that have enabled drastic changes in many industries. Nevertheless, RS has proven that those who embrace the changes and do not remain static, believe in one’s own “Passion to Win”, and always be ready to adapt to the ever changing conditions can remain standing as a winner in the industry.

In 2017, RS embarked on another important transformation. We looked for opportunities and combined the expertise and strengths we have on hand. This has propelled our new Health and Beauty business to flourish and succeed, building on our original business. Not only Channel 8 which enjoyed a ratings jump of over 30 percent from the previous year as well as top ratings for multiple programs, but also the new business of Health and Beauty has grossed historically high revenue that is more than six times the revenue of the previous year. This business has emerged as a core business segment in the year 2018.

In 2017, the Company’s total revenue amounted to 3,502 million baht, an increase from the previous year of 17 percent. From the growth in revenue from the Health and Beauty business as well as from Channel 8, RS leveraged its variety of media. In particular, Channel 8 achieved much success; its ratings were among those of the industry leaders. It also enjoyed an advantage in terms of marketing, and the mass audience was well aligned with the products on offer. The placing of ads on television was both appropriate and increasingly effective. The Company has been able to build on its existing business without high investment costs, and the business is on par with global trends. In the past year, the Company enabled Lifestar Co., Ltd. to create branded quality products for health and beauty. They received overwhelming consumer responses as “Product Champions”, acquired as television and online purchases as well as through modern retailers. Also, RS personnel and existing software systems have been developed into an efficient telesales system (“Call 1718”). Customers’ data can be analyzed more accurately, which has allowed the Company to close more sales each month. In addition, RS has partnered with many manufacturers of health and beauty products to advertise and sell more products via RS’s various media channels. This has maximized the use of advertising time slot as well as offered wide variety of quality products. All these factors have contributed to the growth of the Health and Beauty business’s monthly sales, with each month’s sales exceeding that of the previous month throughout 2017.

As for Channel 8, which represents an important business base for the new Health and Beauty business, it enjoyed a ratings growth of over 30 percent last year. This reflects the variety of programs offered on Channel 8, which have become highly popular among audiences nationwide. Both the news program “Kui Khao Chong 8” (Morning News) and programs in the sports category have continuously helped the ratings to increase to be among the industry leaders in the number 1 or 2 spot. Also, the record-breaking foreign series, “Siya Ke Ram” and “Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan”, were widely successful, achieving a huge viewership of over 3 million people; they also contributed to the fever pitch of Indian series in Thailand once again. Drama series and variety programs have received excellent audience responses as well.

The year 2018 will mark another year of growth and success following the transformation of the business. RS utilizes the new concept of “Beyond the Limit” in its business, which does not adhere to the original modes of operation and maintains flexibility, adapting the business to the direction of the market. The Company’s existing media shall drive the Health and Beauty business to grow and extend into new related businesses. Meanwhile, the Music business will operate under the concept of borderless music, along with the implementation of Artist Centric strategies to monetize all aspects and types of businesses. The aim is to support business and create shared value so that RS, as a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, has a higher market capitalization to reflect the real value of the Company.

On behalf of the executives and Board of Directors of the Company, thank you to our shareholders, business partners, customers, government agencies, and stakeholders for the unwavering trust and support. The Company also extends its thanks to our employees and artists, all of whom have dedicated their time and energy as well as maintained a readiness to adapt to a changing world. They have faced a number of situations, even during the most challenging times for the Company. Together, we will work to lead the organization towards continuous and steady growth.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer